Still Waters is coming to you!

Get ready to be a part of the first-ever Still Waters Home Camp, SWHC! You’re going to have a fun-filled and WORD-filled, three-day weekend full of Quiet Times, projects, gifts, and so much more, and you will be joining believers from AROUND THE WORLD with each activity!

A special package full of activities for our Home Camp weekend has been mailed to those who have continued to keep up with their monthly tape quizzes and maintained their trophy. If you don't get a box, you can still join in, no matter your age! Everyone can participate….your grandparents, aunts, uncles, whoever you want! We invite everyone to follow along with the scheduled events. Under the Resources button below, you will find tutorials, printables, supply lists and other helpful information, EVERYTHING you need for your SWHC 2020 weekend!

God bless you,