1. My letter said that my child would get a box, but we haven’t received it yet.
Please email office@stillwaterscamp.org immediately.
2. One of my children’s names is missing from our letter.
Send an email to office@stillwaterscamp.org asap and tell us your child’s name and ID number, and we’ll check it out immediately.
3. I didn’t get a Parent Pack for each of my children?
The Parent Pack is for Campers 9-14. We sent one Parent Pack per family to the youngest child in the family.
4. My child did not qualify for a box, how can we participate?
You can follow along throughout the weekend via stillwaterscamp.org. In addition, we have camp guides, supply lists, tutorials, printables, and lots of helpful information under the Resources button on the website. But, if you still need help, just send us an email.
5. My QR Codes do not work.
The Resources tab will be available immediately, but you will not be able to access most of the QR codes until Friday, September 18. If after camp starts, you still cannot view the QR data, you can just click the corresponding links on the Still Waters website. You do not have to use QRs to participate, and you will not miss a thing 😀
6. I do not understand the instructions for the craft projects.
Check out the Resources tab for written craft project instructions. After camp starts, you will also find project video tutorials under the Free Time buttons. If you still need assistance, send an email to creations@youngfoundations.org.
7. I'm missing some things from my box.
Send an email to office@stillwaterscamp.org.
8. Something in my box is broken or defective.
Send an email to office@stillwaterscamp.org.
9. My child needs a different shirt size.
Just notify office@stillwaterscamp.org and we will try to accommodate you. (We dispersed shirt sizes based on information in the camper’s profile.)
10. My child’s ID card is incorrect or missing.
Send an email to office@stillwaterscamp.org.
11. I’m having problems with the photo uploader app.
Send an email to office@stillwaterscamp.org.
12. Those camp dates and/or times won’t work for us.
That’s okay. The website will be available for a while and you can have your Home Camp whatever days or times fit your family’s schedule 😀.