published on 11/7/2018

Dear Still Waters,

I wanted to tell you about my testimony. Before camp I wrote a list of things I was praying about and brought it to camp.

I wanted my jaw to grow. My bottom jaw was not growing and the dentist said my back eight teeth were stuck in the jawbone and would not come in.

My mom took me to 11 dentists since I was 7 years old! I’m almost 10 now. I got to talk to Brother Joseph about my jaw at camp, and I was praying about it. Camp was awesome.

The Tuesday after camp I had a dentist appointment and they took an X-ray. The dentist said the teeth were not where they needed to be, but he could tell they were starting to grow from the last X-ray he took.

Two weeks later I felt a tooth and asked my mom to look. There were three teeth growing in my mouth, the Lord had healed me.

God Bless you


Daniel 9-12 Camp

The Right Approach
published on 9/14/2018

God had granted me the great blessing of being at Still Waters last year (2017). When 2018 began, I was excited for the camp registration. We had a family altar, where my father decided to have everyone pray aloud for a request of their own. I remembered the camp and began to pray, asking God for His perfect will and letting Him know that it was my desire to go. My voice broke and I began to cry as I prayed. I could not contain my tears, as I remembered all the spiritual blessings that I had received at Still Waters last summer.

When registration day came, my points in YF were not enough, so I got on the waiting list. I was sad, but in my heart I knew that someone else deserved that place. I knew that God had been merciful to let me come to Still Waters the year before, and that the blessing would fall on someone more in accordance with the will of God this year. I was sad, but if that was God's plan, it was enough for me.

To avoid prolonged sadness, I talked to my parents about going to visit my family in Canada, but I was waiting for a check to get my ticket. It was June and check was delayed, so I did not buy my flight. The summer vacation had started, and I was resigned to spending it at home. One Friday afternoon my cousin told my aunt that a miracle was going to happen for me to enter the camp. The following morning they received a notification from Still Waters, saying that I had made it into camp!

When my father received the news, he began to cry and he called me saying that God had moved His great economy; my flight was already bought (my uncles made it possible). I was in shock, I could not believe it, my flight was leaving in 24 hours! I had not even packed.

When I arrived at Louisville, I got off the plane, hugged my aunt and started crying; God had done a miracle.

Still Waters Camp 2018 was a life changing experience for me. God let me know that He loves me and His grace and mercy are with me. The worldly stuff is over, and now I am IDENTIFIED with HIM more than ever.

I thank God for all those who make Still Waters possible. It is a place of refuge for young people at this time, where in peace you can feel the presence of God in every corner.

God always exceeds our expectations. He not only allowed me to be in the camp, but He gave me the enormous joy of being in the services and prayer time every Wednesday at the Branham Tabernacle during the summer. Isn’t our God great?

He gave me much more than I deserved, more than I expected. He is the God rich in mercy, we just have to be still and know that He is our God.


A Still Waters Camper

Coming Prepared
published on 4/20/2018

Dear Young Foundations,

I just wanted to express my thanks for all you do for us young people through a testimony. After I went to Still Waters last year, satan attacked me like never before. I know where I made my mistake, I quit talking to the Lord like I should have.

Slowly I realized I needed the Lord more in my life and began Quiet Time again. Well, this June, as I was preparing for Still Waters like Brother Joseph had said in his letter to all us campers, I realized God had done so much for me, and I was so much closer to Him. I began to pray, "Lord show me how to prepare myself for Still Waters."

Well, like right after that something happened, and I realized that the internet was a problem for me. I began to look back and I noticed how big of a problem the internet was, so I prayed the Lord would give me courage to give my tablet back to my parents and apologize. The Lord was definitely with me and I returned my tablet, and told my mom what I had done.

I had been scared I would hurt them when they found out, but they were so glad I was trying to be closer to the Lord Jesus. I told mom that I was going to buy the Agapao Hero tablet with my points that I’d earned by listening to tapes. I was a little sad about this because it meant not getting the Ipod I had been saving up my points for, but I felt this was the Lord’s will, so I got the Agapao tablet. It came in really fast, and I was really happy with it.

The Monday after I got it, I was looking at the things you could get with your points. I realized the Agapao Hero was not on the reward points anymore. I believe the Lord allowed me to get that tablet just in time. He knew I certainly could not afford such a tablet, and it was a confirmation to me that I had done the right thing.

I give all praise to the Lord, and I bless you His faithful servants, for though you may not know it, y’all help us young people a lot. Through Still Waters, posts on Branham.org, and the encouragement from Brother Joseph, through letters and feedback, you do so much. I thank all the people who make these things possible.

Your sister in Christ

P.S. I have Great expectations for Still Waters camp!


A Still Waters Camper

I Will Never Be The Same
published on 1/24/2018

A few years ago, my mom had registered me for Still Waters Camp. She isn't very fast on a computer, so I ended up being at the bottom of the waiting list. She was determined to get me into camp, so she phoned the Voice of God, but they explained that there is a waiting list and the chances of me getting in were very small, because I was at the bottom of that list. When my mom told me, I went to my room, got on my knees beside my bed, and prayed, “Lord, I can’t go on. I need to go to camp!” My mom was praying for me too.

God heard our prayer that day, and within a short time I received my Still Waters Camp card in the mail. It was a miracle! I don't know how it happened, but God answers prayer!

I went to Indiana early, so I could visit some friends. I was having such a blessed time, when about a week before camp my whole world fell apart. My sweet friend handed me a phone call that would change my life forever. My mother had passed away that night, and my dad asked me to come home. You can only imagine how horrible I felt. Not only was my mom gone, but her deepest desire was that I got to go to camp and get closer to the Lord, something I wanted with all my heart. Before I got on that plane to take me home, my dear sweet friend told me I will receive a plane ticket back so I can go to camp. I could do nothing but weep with humility and thank the Lord.

I don't know why the Lord chose me, but by His mercy I made it back to camp! I will never be the same, my sisters and brothers. He brought me safe this far, and by His grace He will lead me Home.

This I know, GOD answers prayer.

God bless you all!

"Angel's Wings"


Oh, what a dreadful sight it looks. But when you get close to it, it’s Angel’s wings beating together. See, it looks different when you get there. Maybe that’s the way it is with you tonight. You don’t know just why you are sick. You don’t know just why… What about this. But maybe it is a blessing in disguisement. It looks like a gloomy dark end for you, but it may be the Angel wings beating together. If you’re only certain of God, you’re sure that God heals the sick. If you’re sure that God still pours out the Holy Ghost upon His people, then take His promise and hold onto it until God answers, for He sure will answer prayer.

59-0708e Be Certain Of God


A Still Waters Camper

I Cannot Tell It All
published on 12/13/2017

God richly bless you!

What the Lord has done for me, I cannot tell it all. I would like to first thank you for the amazing time at Still Waters! All the hospitality, love, care and devotion demonstrated by the monitors, helpers, cooks, chaperons, everyone, was very much appreciated! I thank God for Still Waters, and I thank God for all of you! It must have been a great sacrifice, but know that it was not in vain. For my life (and I am sure the lives of many others) has been changed forever. Words and actions cannot express the sincere appreciation that I feel. All I can say is thank you and God richly bless you; I pray that He gives you all of your heart's desires.

I would like to share one of the many things that God did for me during Still Waters. For as long as I can remember I have suffered from allergies (in and out of season). My throat, nose, and eyes were itchy and irritated on a regular basis, but I chose to simply ignore the symptoms and deal with what I called “my condition.” I never sought for medical assistance, and never thought of praying on the matter, because it became a norm to me.

On Friday at Still Waters, we listened to "The Token," and at the end of the tape Brother Branham had an altar call. At the same time, he also asked that if anyone had any requests or needed God’s healing power in their lives, that they should raise their hands. At that moment, I thought to myself “I don’t need healing for anything really.” Then I thought of the allergies, but then said to myself that it was minor and not worth asking prayer for it. That Still Small Voice insisted that I bring it up to God in prayer, so I did just that!

I had another request on my heart and brought that up to God at the same time. My brothers and sisters, when I say that I have felt NO irritation since that service on Friday August 11th, it is because I mean every single word! Cold air, dust, and certain fruits would trigger the irritation in my throat, but I have been around all of the above with no signs of irritation since Friday. My family can even attest to the allergies, as I got on their nerves with the strange noises that I would make in order to clear the irritation in my throat, which at times even hindered my sleep.

I stand today Justified and Healed in Jesus Name!

My other request is still in God’s hand. He answered me for this irritation that I have had all my life, I know that He will take care of the rest. It is just a matter of time.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you! God richly, richly bless! I love you all so much and will continue to pray for you.

Your sister in Christ



While On Others Thou Art Calling
published on 5/9/2017

One night while I was watching the Still Waters Camp pictures, I felt a special and strong feeling, telling me that I should be re-baptized. That feeling shook me because I was already baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ many years ago.

So, I went to pray about this and I told the Lord, “I don’t want to do this just because other young people are being re-baptized at SW, and I don’t know why I feel this, but You know why and where You lead me I will go.”

When I was searching for some quotes about being re-baptized, I read the same quote that some young people were telling about in the interviews that encouraged them to be re-baptized. As the days were passing, I was praying about this feeling and watching the interviews. That feeling become very strong, and I knew it was the Lord leading me to do that, so I was re-baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Also for a couple of years, I had a trouble with my head, and on Wednesday, August 3, we were hearing the tape "58-0414 Thirsting For Life." It was the same tape that you listened to at camp a night before. That night that we were listening this tape, I was having a bad headache, and Brother Branham called out a lady with a trouble in her head and with glasses. I needed healing for my head, and I was wearing my glasses too! I accepted my healing!

When I went out of the church, I noticed that I didn't have the headache. I don't have that trouble with my head no more! I am healed, praise the Lord!

I was praying to the Lord here at home for a special blessing “While on others Thou art calling (at Still Waters), do not pass me by.” He truly let me feel His special love! Even though I didn’t attend SWs, SWs encouraged me a lot! Just from watching.

I am so thankful for all what you do for us the young people! We love you in God’s love! God bless you!


A Sister from Mexico

5 Years: A Still Waters Camp Testimony
published on 2/24/2017

God Bless you all! This year was my very first year of Camp, and I attended the 'younger Camp'. It exceeded all of my dreams of it! No words can really describe what the atmosphere was like; the only word that comes to my mind is love.

Well, I went to Camp expecting, just as my older siblings (who have been going to Camp for years) had told me, and I left that little patch of Heaven with MORE than what I was expecting!!

I can't remember which day it was at Camp, the first or the second, Brother Joseph was telling us that our decision today will affect us 5 years from now. That really stuck with me and it really made me think about what decisions I made in my life 5 years ago from this year. And I would like to share my testimony with you all, about how I made a decision 5 years ago, and how it has affected me this year.

5 years ago, in August of 2011, my dad left my family because of the Message. He did not want to serve the Lord anymore, which broke my heart. But that day, my siblings and I chose to stay with our mom, who was (and still is) determined to serve the Lord and follow this Message. That was 5 years ago!

Since that time, I have tried to fight many battles. I tried, because I didn't really accept the Lord and let Him take care of everything. One of those battles was music, and another was depression. I had thoughts of committing suicide daily. I let the enemy tell me that I had no friends except my so-called 'friends' from school (I am homeschooled, but it's an online public school that I do at home). Satan told me that I had nothing to live for, that I was not in the least bit perfect so no boys would ever like me, and that I was just a waste of space.

I have always been big into music. That is one of my little 'escapes', but I have to be careful what I listen to, because Satan loves to use it against me. My dad listened to a lot of country music at home and I got in to it too. I even wrote a couple country songs about 6 years ago, but 5 years ago I tore those papers apart and threw it all away. After a bit I started moving into more than just country. I started listening to other worldly music. I had many songs memorized and sang them under my breath every day. I stopped for a while, but this year it slowly started up again. Along with all of this, I had a few other addictions that I hid from most everyone. But I wanted deliverance from all of these things so bad.

Last year, I was healed of my depression (my testimony was posted on the VGR website. I was healed the same day Bro. James Jackson was raised from the dead). Well, the first day of Camp, I told a close friend about my addiction. She hugged me and thanked me for sharing it with her. It felt good to get it off my chest again.

That night at Quiet Time, I was listening to a Message, and it started pouring down rain so we had to finish our Quiet Time in the dorms. Sometime while I was walking back to my dorm, I lost my spot on the Message, and I forgot what I was listening to, so I chose to listen to one of my favorite Messages "One in a Million". Toward the end of the tape, Brother Branham mentioned a sheep (paragraph 77), and I knew that the Lord wanted me to listen to that tape so that I could hear that and know that I was a sheep that Brother Branham was claiming for God. It really blessed me.

The next night during Quiet Time, I received another blessing, and I have told many about it. And then at the Tuesday night Service, it seemed that Brother Branham was speaking right to me. Paragraph 34 of "Thirsting for Life", which was the Tape we listened to that night, Brother Branham said "A many a little girl, listening in tonight, that's had a good mama, and a daddy that's tried to teach her right. She's out in some dive somewhere or away from God. And as she's trying to satisfy that thirst in her heart with some of this modern teen-age rock-and-roll, which is of the devil. . .". I heard that and I almost burst into tears because there Brother Branham was talking about ME. I was that little girl and I realized how bad I was. I thought I was a good Christian, one of the “top ten.” But that night, when I went up to the altar, I felt so sinful and so tiny. It felt like I ran into a brick wall of His Presence.

I was baptized that night, rededicating my life to the Lord. And I felt, as soon as I came up out of the water, a sweet feeling, the sweetest feeling I have ever felt in my life, come over me and I knew that right then I had received the Holy Ghost. I had been praying to receive it for years, and I finally got It! I felt a huge burden just drop from my shoulders, and I finally let go of my dad too.

Because of my decision 5 years ago, in the August of 2011, I am where I am today, a Royal Seed of Abraham, and the daughter of THE King! Hallelujah! Every time I think of what I got at Camp, I just want to break out shouting and praising God because I got delivered from my addictions and my 'aftershocks' of depression. I was healed emotionally, physically, and spiritually, and I received the Holy Ghost. Praise the Lord!

I pray my testimony was a blessing to another Royal Seed of Abraham!

God bless you all richly!

And it may be, this morning, that there'll be men and women setting here, that'll make your final choice. You are today what you are, because several years ago you chose to be what you are now. And what you choose now will determine what you'll be five years from today. Five years from today you may be a missionary. Five years from today you may be a renown Christian. Or, five years from today you may be in hell, because you made the wrong decision. Five years from today you may be cleaning spittoons in a barroom. Five years from today you may be a prostitute on the street. Or, you may be a man or a woman that's a—that's a credit to any society, because of your choice for Christ. Five years from today you may be in Glory, gone in the Rapture, because you made your choice today. But you got to choose. And don't look at what you see. Choose what you see by faith. That's the only thing that will count, is what you choose by faith. -WMB 58-0720M By Faith Moses

A Still Waters Camper

A Haven For Us
published on 8/13/2013

Hey everyone that works at VGR! And thank you for all your hard work!! :)

I went to the Still Waters camp June18–22, 2012. And it was such a blessing! I went last year, but this year was more spiritual!

Monday was fun, Got to make new ones and see old ones. Then quiet time. The best time of the day!! It was so awesome! Then I headed to bonfire and met up with my friend Grace and I was just stuck on God! We started talking about God and I just started crying cause He’s just so amazing and has blessed me in so many ways!!

Tuesday came had fun playing paintball doing GoKarts, eating, and fellowshipping. Then quiet time came. I was listening to a tape from my Sansa mp3 player that I bought from YF and it was “Be Certain Of God” And I was sick, and I was praying “God help me feel better, You never said your healed now, but you said believe you are healed and you will be” So I got done praying and right then Satan started coming in my mind and he said “See you feel no different. God didn’t hear you, He won’t come” Right after then Bro. Branham said “Oh no, Don’t say I’m not healed, Believe!” Thats not his exact words but, I could have jumped up and shouted!! God was just talking to me and it was soo amazing!!

Then Wednesday, it was fun! We had a service that night and it was That Day On Calvary. And I do believe I had my day on Calvary!

Thursday was tournament day, I got all my team mates together to pray before each game, But for Quiet Time we had a tape by Faith, Moses. And it was sooo good! What a great way to start off the day!!

Then Friday came. I was sad, and tired. But as I sat down waiting for the service, I knew it would be perfect. And it was! And I came home a different person! Worldly music has no chain on me anymore! Thank you Lord, And Bro. Joseph for having a haven for us!



Then I Went To Still Waters
published on 8/12/2013

I am a Christian. But what does that mean these days? To the world, this means you belong to a church, Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, etc. You fit into a nice neat little box, which under the heading ‘Christian’ are various other descriptive words such as ‘judgmental’ or ‘self-righteous’.

We all know this about the world, but what about us? What do WE have labeled on that box? What about message believers? There again we find a deeper layer to the onion. Smaller, not as well known, but still with layers.

Ironically there are various limbs which have sprouted from the teachings of our last age prophet. From those who believe we don’t need preachers, to those who believe we have moved beyond the tapes. From those who think Bro. Branham is no more than an enthusiastic preacher, with good teachings and revolutionary doctrine, to those who have prayed in his name.There are even those who have received their own separate box. ‘Branhamites’ some are called, ‘tape people’. There are those who say Bro. Joseph is the anti-Christ and those who pray in his name.

So where is it? Where is the middle of the road? Where is the balance? Who are the real Christians? Bro. Branham has talked many times of the different denominations. He said if the Catholics will be saved, which Catholics? You ask Christians which church is right and they all say their own church is right (63–0127 An Absolute, 176).

There are cities with multiple message churches, all within a few minutes of each other, and not a single one fully filled. Why? If we all fly under the banner of the message, why are we so adamant about who holds it and how it’s waved? Bro. Branham spoke about preachers in the Old Testament teaching theology and poisoning the people, all gathered around throwing ingredients into the pot, and saying ‘there’s death in the pot.’ And what fixed the death in the pot? A handful of meal. Bro. Branham said the handful of meal was Christ (53–0328 Israel and the Church #4, 136–139). That was it. LOVE.

But it seems we have forgotten that today. This was where Satan had planted his root of bitterness in me. I live a good drive from any message church, and a good long drive from one of any size. There are no young people within 500 miles of me who believe this message, let alone single girls my age. I’m a 21 year old boy in the middle of nowhere, feeling like I’ve lived the same year over and over again since 16. All those times, word keeps coming in; ‘did you hear? This church broke up because so and so did such and such. Did you hear? This church’s pastor was asked to step down because of such and such. Did you hear? So and so is starting his own church.’ Being raised with 95% of my church experiences being just tapes, and having only visited big churches, this news was a constant attack on my serenity, my patience, and my disgust.

I have two God-fearing, tape-believing parents, whom I could brag on all day. If the Lord would tarry and I could be so fortunate as to one day marry a woman with the strength and faith of my mother, if I could grow up to fill my father’s shoes, and if we could somehow raise our children as well as my parents have done, I would be incredibly blessed.

Bro. Branham talks about parent delinquency. In my home, there was no such thing. Any mistakes I have made, and make them I have, were of my own choice. Have my parents made mistakes? Of course. But they have constantly tried to do better and improve every day, and have constantly lead with a Bible in one hand, and message book in the other. As soon as I was old enough to see how things worked, I was put off by other churches. Why was there so much confusion? Why such different doctrines? Why were these people at each other’s throats, but the second you asked them what they thought of one another, they would say, if a little begrudgingly, ‘he’s my brother in Christ.’ I saw this as hypocrisy and it was wearing on me. As was this message’s version of dating. I’m a young man, this is something of importance to me, as I think it is to any young person. Bro. Branham said that he thought the best thing God can give a man outside of salvation is a wife (61–0216 The Mark of the Beast and the Seal of God #1, E–13). So we find again, Christianity seems more complicated than just love, and not able to all fit into one box.

What is dating? What is the proper way to date? Can you hold hands? Is it right to date more than one person in your life? How long should you know each other before you date? These and thousands of more questions akin to these have been asked, and answered in as many ways. Every country, every state, every church, every family has a different answer for every question it seems.

I’m a little old fashioned myself, and catch phrases like ‘we’re just talking’ or ‘we’re really good friends’ or ‘we’re just getting to know each other right now’ don’t help my growing annoyance. In my mind, the point of dating is all three of these things. Why is it so frowned on for young people to get to know each other on a personal, potentially romantic, level? The answer is obvious, and the fear of every Christian parent; it could go too far. They’re right, it could, and it has time and time again. Not only is it a battle as old as time, but it’s the battle that started time, for it was after that that our human lives became clocks that before a thousand years would reach zero.

Again, here we find polar opposites; those who have a list of rules for dating longer than the levitical law, and those who on dates forget that they are Christians. I am not pointing fingers at any one person, or group of people. This is simply what I have seen and experienced. Again the question, who is right? With recent failure in this area, Satan started whispering in my ear ‘everyone - except you.’ Of course at first it’s easy to ignore, but our enemy is patient, he knows how to wait and how to fight. He’s fought a million others exactly like you, in exactly your place, and won. He knows your cracks, your pressure points, how to throw you off his scent. He knows where to press, how hard to press, and for how long.

Work kept me busy. What’s more, my co-workers started liking me, and wanting me to hang out with them. I’m an outcast. I’ve never been popular, never been a big name spoken of in the circles of the young message crowd. I’m not saying ‘woe is me’ I’m simply stating a fact. We all want acceptance, and what’s more we all get desperate for it. So when people at work started liking me, naturally I started liking them back.

Having to get up for work at 5 am, and generally working 12 hour days, I’m ashamed to admit it became increasingly easy to shrug my prayer life to the next day. And when that happens every day, you’re sure to be in a bad situation spiritually.

I started listening to the kinds of music I shouldn’t listen to. I started hanging out with the kinds of people I shouldn’t have been hanging out with. I had found people who had given me a chance to be in their group, to fit in their box as it were, and I wanted to impress them by talking about the things that they were talking about. I’m not proud to say, I even got to the point where I was telling dirty jokes, and occasionally cursing. I never took the name of my Lord in vain, however. And the devil is incredibly patient.

I’m not sure just how long this slow decline went on for, but I’m fairly certain I became aware of it and it started manifesting in such things as taste in music and prayer life some 2 years ago. I however, was still a good Christian, or so I thought. I read my bible - sometimes. I tried to pray. But the devil can hypnotize you to where you’re not even sure what’s right or wrong anymore. The danger with me was everyone in the message that I knew still thought I was an ideal Christian. I still listened to the tapes, which was probably the thing I did most as far as my spiritual strengthening goes. I had a 10–15 minute drive to work, and I would listen to a tape every morning.

Again though, the devil is patient, and he’ll wait till the perfect time to strike. It turns out mine was November of 2011. I had just went through the most heart wrenching experience of my life, having a girl I deeply cared about tell me we could never talk again. I won’t go into the details, as I wish to respect her privacy, but my heart was shattered and I did not think it could ever be rebuilt again. Of course I prayed for her back, and of course I finished the prayer with ‘not my will Father, but Thine be done.’ It wasn’t until later that I realized I was praying the words but wasn’t truly wanting them or meaning them. I didn’t blame her, but I did blame certain people. I blamed people who called themselves message but didn’t live the life. People who would praise God and cry in meetings and then go back to the same way they were living before. I blamed the awkward complicated world of dating within the message. Lord forgive me, I didn’t realize what a hypocrite I was. I was a pharisee. Someone who lived the life in public that had people admire him and wish their own children could be like him, or their boyfriends would be like him, their husbands and fathers. Yet in the secret of my own life I was living wrong. God forgive me, I was as self-righteous as they came and didn’t know it.

That’s when the devil whispered in my ear, ‘why are you bothering with these people? They can’t agree on the color of grass. Why don’t you go to these friends of yours? Sure they might not live the way that’s right, but at least they’re not pretending.’ And slowly without knowing it, I started listening.

Now, I never committed any wrong acts. I didn’t smoke, I didn’t drink, I didn’t run around or go dancing or anything like that. But the ideas of doing them were getting easier and easier to entertain. The devil would describe them with phrases like ‘they’re not so bad’ or ‘is that what brother Branham really meant when he was talking about it?’ What a slippery slope. Do not underestimate the mind. Our body is vessel, or more specifically a train, destined to follow the very tracks set by your mind. Do not fool yourself to think you act without thought; if you are doing it, it is because your mind has already made the decision to do it.

And there I was, shocked, angry, hurt, disgusted, betrayed, forgotten, standing on the cliff of reason looking down on sin, wondering what a rush it would be to jump. Wondering what it would be like. Thinking how exciting and free it would feel, if only for a little while. Besides, God would catch me if I asked Him to, right? What a horrible thing to think. I’m sure we’ve all thought it at one point or another. Go out, get a taste of the world, just enough to have some fun, and then come back to the message. No harm done right? God will forgive me, I’ll be wiser because I know how empty the world really is, everyone will be happy that I’ve come back to God, and I can spend the rest of my life telling other people not to do it. How dangerous reason is, and how far we will go to justify our own iniquity. God forgive me, but I entertained these thoughts, and the more I thought them, the more logical and tempting they sounded. And to think, I considered myself next to blameless and angry at others for their strayed walk with God. How the Devil can twist you around.

Where was God in all of this you might ask? That still small Voice spoke to me every day, warning me against the reason, warning me against the logic, going specifically through everything I knew to be true to fight the devil at every turn. The devil would suggest something to me, and I could hear that Voice say ‘it is written, it is written…’ If I would have gone down that path, I would have had no excuse. There is no way I could have said ‘I didn’t know; I wasn’t warned.’ I had plenty of each, God made sure of that. But every time that still small Voice came up, I treated it as suggestion instead of warning. I put it up there in the category as ‘option’ the same as the sin laid before me. Both of those things have no business in the option category. Satan’s way is not an option. God’s way is not an option. You follow God’s way and shun the very appearance of evil.

All the still small Voice had to say, I had thrust aside, except for one thing. Let this encourage every parent out there who doesn’t think their kids listen to them or aren’t watching them. I was thinking how easy it would be to fall. But I think a lot, and this thought came up. What would be the extent of the fall? What would it represent? The ripples from this pebble, the spider crack through the glass. When a message believer falls, his parents and all they have taught him apparently have failed. With me, people would be whispering behind my family’s back saying ‘it’s always the quiet ones’. His family, his friends, his brothers, his sisters, everyone who hated him or loved him, those who had respect for him for the life he lived and the way he was changes. Everything and everyone he has ever touched in any way changes. Nobody understands the change, even though they all think they do. If he fails, everything he believed in and stood for has failed.

Everyone who has been watching you, your co-workers, your boss, your friends, all the world that knows you will say ‘I knew he wasn’t any different than us. I knew nobody could be that perfect. What kind of God does he serve anyways? Look, he’s doing the very things he said he would never do. I knew there was no God.’ Other Christians will say ‘I knew his parents were doing it wrong. See that? That’s what happens when you raise them that way.’

Again others will say ‘What happened to him? He was such a sweet boy. I had such respect for him, I truly thought he was an ideal young Christian.’ And at the back of everyone’s mind will be the question, ‘if he fell to the world and none of us saw it coming, who else is that close?’.

And perhaps the strongest thing that kept me was this thought; if I fell my parents would never forgive themselves. My parents would cry to the Lord ‘Lord where did we go wrong? What should we have done differently? We tried to our best ability to raise him right, why did he do this?’ The thought of bringing that pain and shame on my parents who I knew to be Godly people was more than I could bear. I could not stand the thought of my parents having a blackened name and thinking ill of themselves on my account. God forgive me, at the very whisper of the temptation the thought of blackening God’s Name should have been enough to put me on my knees and ask forgiveness and pray through till that spirit was gone.

God showed me all that would result, how everything that I had said, all the advice I had given, the statements I had made, would all be tossed aside, people saying how could we trust a man who would do those things. It would cause everyone to whom I was significant in any way to re-evaluate Christianity and their own beliefs as they knew it, the closer I was to the people, the greater the teetering. Was this enough to keep me from sin? No. But it was enough to keep me from it just long enough.

Then I went to Still Waters. And you know what? I can’t explain what happened there.

Perhaps it was the Quiet Time where God blew the pages of my bible to the very story I had on my heart. Perhaps it was the realization that not only do I need to pray for people I had grudges against, but I needed to pray that I would mean my prayers sincerely and that my grudges would be removed. Maybe it was so many warm people, that reminded me there are those with that sincere love and burning desire to life for Christ, and there was positive to the negative I had heard. Maybe it was the sermon ‘That Day on Calvary’ where at the end, I felt the tingle of the Holy Spirit as it moved. But I had felt that before. What was different this time? You can call it psychology, you can call it whatever you like. But as I stood there with my hands up, praising the Lord, that tingle put every hair on my body straight up, and then like a funnel, I felt it gather up underneath my rib centering on my heart. Like sand passed through a funnel, I felt God refill me with his Holy Spirit for a while. A minute? An hour? I don’t know. You can say what you want, but I know what I felt. I know who was there. I know my life was changed. Could it have been the special moments I had with Brother Joseph, just the two of us, or the testimony by Brother Billy Paul where he told things I had never heard him tell before? I don’t know. But I do know that from the moment I passed that Still Waters banner, something was different. There was a stillness in my heart that had not been there for a long time. The cares and worries? I left them in the car with my cellphone, and I don’t think that was a coincidence. I have been baptized in water, but at this camp God baptized me with His sweet Holy Spirit. Brother Joseph typed it perfectly when he said that this camp was our juniper tree. Get quiet, get Holy. God will find you.

And you know something? The same problems that this old world had before I went into camp were still there when I came out. The same arguments were happening between the same churches, the same issues with dating, theaters, bowling alleys and make-up. The same people were put into the same boxes. But you know, I didn’t care.

Those issues, instead of clinging to me, and sapping my blood and strength like a swarm of mosquitoes simply rolled off of me like water off a duck’s back. Instead of being angry, now I pray that God will help them to set those things aside. Instead of getting defensive when I hear someone thought something I did was wrong, I listen to them, and try to talk to them about it, and pray to see if it’s wrong. Just like that song, ‘oh, what a difference since Jesus passed by’. It’s funny, but when God fills you, there just seems no room for those negative troubling feelings anymore.

Am I living the life I should? No. Do I still make mistakes? Yes. Do I have a long way to go? I’ll be the first to tell you I do. But praise God, I’m on the right road, and every step is one step closer to Him.

I can’t explain what the difference is, I can’t tell you the rules to follow, I can’t tell you what’s right or wrong. All I can say is, There’s been a change in my life, and Jesus is the reason why.

If I can leave you with one thought, let it be this; Brother Branham and Jesus said the greatest thing we could do is love one another. Brother Branham said he’d rather have the love of God than all the gifts in the Bible (51–0413 The Works That I Do Bear Witness Of Me E–22). Everything is Love, love, love, and I see why now more clearly than ever. If we love each other, and want to help each other, and want others to help us, and we all had that attitude, and all had that love in us, would that not be the rapturing faith? How powerful that would be. Lord I pray that you would grant that Love to me, that that Love would be granted to those who don’t have it and those that have it would share it with all as a candle burning for all to see. This is my Still Waters Testimony.



At First
published on 8/12/2013

I just wanted to tell you how tankful I am to be able to attend the Still Waters Camp this year! At first I was a little afraid because im going to the older camp this year but after watching this I'm not afraid. I am so excited for camp!! I'm going EXPECTING GREAT things from God when I'm at camp!!!



In The Quiet Time
published on 8/12/2013

Bro. Joseph, Bro. Billy Paul and all you giving workers there at "Still Waters". Thank you so much! We heard such wonderful testimonies Sunday morning in church from the campers who were there last week. (2 of our grandsons were among them)

They all told of the great time they had, how God made Himself real to them in the Quiet Time and the services, and what a blessing Bro. Joseph, Bro. Billy and all of you were to them as you let the love of God flow through you to them. Praise the Lord! It made our hearts so happy. God bless you all and strengthen you as you prepare for the next Camp. We're continuing to pray for God give many, many great victories once again. Our grandson from Hot Springs, AR also had a wonderful testimony. We love you in the Lord.


brother and sister brandt

On My Heart
published on 8/12/2013

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and hope that all is well with you and Voice of God Recordings. I want to take a moment to thank you all once again, counselors, junior counselers, Brother Joseph, Brother Billy Paul and of course our Lord Jesus for the remarkable camp that we had. It meant so much to me, and I know it did for each and every one that was there. The following is something that I felt lead to write during the baptism, as well as a poem afterwards that I wrote just before the service. I don't know if they are usable, but I just felt that I should send them. I pray that God will find some use for them. Thank you for taking the time to read this and God Bless you all.


And the Angels rested that day, and sat on the beach watching as one by one their charges were eternally sealed in Christ. Oh, what a blessed thing, all the toils and battles they had fought preparing for this day. The fruits of their labor were being harvested. God's children, their responsibilities, their sons and daughters of God, had crossed that line of redemption and would forever be within Jesus.

Oh, the rejoicing that had taken place in the service just a short time ago. God had come down the speak and move amongst His precious few who had gathered so strongly in His Name that day. God had granted a sanctuary for whosoever would come to Hm. A haven for a precious few. And it had made the difference for them. The hard work, the rejoicing, and now: The rest.

They sat there with pleasant smiles on their faces, some of them humming along with the sweet sweet songs the sons and daughters of God were singing. The calm that washed over the heavenly host was like a baptism in itself.

They knew this was just the beginning of their struggles. The battles to come would be much greater. But these children were now sealed. They were from this point on no longer vagabonds, no longer stragglers; but warriors, suited up properly, flying the banner of the army of God. What temptation, what force could challenge them and avail? None, for they were in His protection, their swords sharpened as they never had been before. The Angels occationally looked off and saw the devils and demons just outside the camp, waiting, snarling, taunting.

"Just you wait 'til they get out here. Just you wait. We'll get them back - worse than they were before! Me and my seven friends have plans for them!"

But the Angels feared not, for they knew their charges. They knew them by name and they knew their hearts. And they knew that for every battle they faced from now on, there would be One in their midst Whom the host of hell could not stand against. And as each soul was immersed in the water - it was just plain water, yet it was the water of life - each was reborn, and rejuvenated.

These of the Lord were weary and would be weary still. But what a refreshing thing it was to bear witness to the shared Spirit of Christ. What encouragement for the battles to come. What motivation. There would be battles, there would be blood, there would be tears. But not on this day. This day the Angels sat and watched. This day the Angels rested. This day the Angels praised their Lord and Creator, as a sinner went into the water and a saint came out. They were dipped in the water alone, but when they came up, Jesus was with them.


Dont ask me what about me is new.
Dont ask me if the change is me or you.
Dont ask me if I've gained or lost.
You will find your answers, just past the cross.

Dont ask me for miracles or love.
If God is a Lion, Lamb, or Dove.
Don't ask me if this is a trick or lie.
Walk past the cross, and ask the One who died.

I cannot tell you where He came from or who He is.
All I can say is from now on I am His.
I cannot explain what happened on that day.
All I know is my many many sins were all washed away.

If you wish to know who He is.
If you wish to know what this is all about.
If you are faced with endless questions.
If your mind is poisoned with doubt.

Just pass by that cross.
Hes waiting for you.
With forgivness in His eyes,
and a Love that is ever true.

Don't jump to conclusions.
Don't question, ask, or doubt.
Just pass by the cross.
He'll be sure to bring you out.

Theres a difference in that cross,
just what I can't explain.
But I searched the depths of my heart,
and could find no trace of my pain.

Oh, there's just something different.
Pass on by and you'll see.
There's a promise given by the Son of God.
Given by His Blood at Calvary.

Come by the cross,
and regret not what you receive.
All may enter in,
if you can only believe.

Poor dear Sinner,
Aching along this weary road.
There's a better way for you;
you don't have to carry that heavy load.

Go quickly now, while there is time.
Go on God's provided way.
Refresh yourself, pass the cross.
The prophet points the way.



Exceedingly Grateful
published on 8/12/2013

Greetings in the precious name of our Savior Jesus Christ.

We wanted to tell you that we are exceedingly grateful to Brother Joseph and the entire team of the VGR and all those who contribute to the Still Waters camp; we want to thank you from the bottom of our heart. May the Lord Bless you abundantly for the sacrifice you make for the young.

As we arrived on the ground of Still waters we immediately felt a welcoming and loving atmosphere. Our daughter extremely enjoyed the camp and we are so grateful to God. We do not know how to properly express our gratitude but we are sure that you could feel our joy in reading our letter.

Thank you and May God Richly bless you.



I Got The Victory At Still Waters
published on 8/12/2013

I would like to share my testimony of my experience at Still Waters these past 3 years. Satan has been trying to keep me from sharing this, but I won't let him stop me from sharing my testimony that God has put on my heart to share. I hope it will be a blessing and encouragement to others.

I have been raised in the message all my life but never really would stay in the right path, until this year after the wonderful experience I had at Still Waters camp. After my first time attending camp it all looked like I was a different person, but little did I know what my life would be like. Satan really gave me a rough time after that camp, I failed so many times. I got on the verge of backsliding, but thank God I didn't. Then came time to register for the next years following camps, so I was there at the computer waiting to register right at the point of 0.

So when I tried to register the computer was freezing and then it said they were all full, so I got on the waiting list. I would pray and ask the Lord, " Please God, give me one more chance. If you grant me this chance, I promise I will get rebaptized." I really felt ashamed and condemned of all the things I had done. About a month or two later I get a call from camp telling me I was in! I literally broke out in tears right there, all I could say was "Thank you Lord, for giving me another chance". So I kept my promise and got rebaptized, after that second camp I finally was able to get the courage and strenght to give up the things that were keeping me from going on the right path. It was still a little rough afterwards, but nowhere as near as it was before. God really helped me.

Finally, this year at this past Older July Still Waters camp, I truly  felt something really had changed within me. My entire personality, thoughts, and heart was different. Even my little brother after I got home told me, I had totally had come back a different person. So, after camp the following day on Saturday, VGR opened a Quite Time on their property for the young people that wanted to attend that morning. I had heard about them, but I could never make it the previous 2 years, so I went this year.

So I went to go find a spot for my quiet time, and all the time there was those two voices; one telling me I hadn't received nothing at Still Waters and that I was going to be the same, and the other that I truly had received the Holy Ghost. It was a constant battle. So I finally was like " Lord, if I really received the Holy Ghost, please let me turn to the right quote and scripture on my quiet time notebook." So I got to praying; then when I was through, I opened my quiet time notebook and to my surprise I get a quote from (54-0514 The Seal Of God) and a scripture that was talking all about that Seal. After I read that scripture, I broke down in tears, it was perfect!, my heart was so touched by it. Right then I felt certain that I really had received the Holy Ghost in my life. I would like to share the scripture with you all.

" Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity." II Timothy 2:19

I truly feel blessed to have been able to attend camp this year. Every time I think of the wonderful experience I had this year, I just break out with tears of joy.

Without Still Waters camp, I don't know what would have become of me. I loved the atmosphere there, without all the distractions of the world. I truly say from the bottom of my heart, "Thank you Brother Joseph, and to all the staff and volunteers for all your hard work you do, It truly has been a blessing."

May God Richly Bless You All



Better And Better
published on 8/12/2013

God bless you all. May this testimony be used to help someone.

I had the privilege and honor to go to the 13-15, 17-21st Still Waters youth camp. My, was it a blessing to me! Each year it gets better and better. God certainly has been dealing with me and changing my life.

Monday, we had a girl that went with me, and she was very very shy, and each day I prayed for her, that she would have a good time, she told me Friday, it was wonderful and she was ready to come back again next year! God certainly hears and answers prayers.

Each day, it was something different during Quiet Time, it just gets better and better. Brother Joseph was telling us how Jesus, is that 'Still Small Voice' and how you're always gonna have two voices. You're gonna hear Satan, or Jesus, and you're going to listen to either one. He also said, we're influences to people. He was talking about the rich young ruler in the Bible, how Jesus said 'Forsake all and follow me.' and he was thinking, 'I can't do that, I have too much, I love my life, I can't do that.' And how when he died, he influenced his brothers, and he cried out, "Tell my brothers I was wrong, Don't send them down into hell with me." and a voice said, "No. The work is done." How powerful those words are! We daily need to pray "Oh Lord God! Help me to be the right influence! Let me not get to Heaven with someone's blood on my hands!" It could be the smallest thing that we do, that could send someone to Hell. Even Brother Branham said, "We influence somebody!" It's just amazing how God just tells us these things through his prophet.

On Tuesday night there was a baptismal service, and well towards the end Brother Gordon, was praying for a brother so I bowed my head, and something said 'Look up.' and I thought it was Satan, so I was like 'no i'm not doing that, it's disrespectful.' Then the voice came back and said 'Look up.' And I opened my eyes, and you could see Jesus's face. The outline of his eyes, his nose, the outline of his head, and hair. And I was just in 'awe' and before Brother G got done praying I closed my eyes and when he finished it was gone. God certainly with us.

On Wednesday it was swim day, and they have tubing. Well i've always had issues with my ears when I go swimming, like water gets in them and they start burning and aching. Well anyways my friend and I we get on and take off, and on the turn we got jerked off, and we skidded across the water, and I got some water in my ear and it hurt a little so I just put it in the back of my mind and hopped back on and off we went again, well we made it down to the other end of the lake, and we fell of and skidded across the water once more. By this time it felt like I had tons of water in my ears, it was some pain i've never felt before in my ears. So I got out of the water sometime later and it was time for dinner.

We ate, then it was Quiet Time, and I brought my Sansa mp3 player with me, despite how I could hardly hear, and turned on a tape. So when Brother Branham said let's bow our heads and pray I prayed and said, "Lord, you've raised the dead and healed the sick, and made cancer disappear, I have more than enough faith for when I take off these earphones, I will be able to hear better than when I put them in." So after Brother Branham got done praying I paused the tape and took off my earphones, and it was like nothing ever happened to my ears, and they just kept getting better and better each day.

Friday's service came, that's going to be a red letter day in my life for as long as I live. After the tape, the Spirit of the Lord was just moving in and out and touching all of our hearts, well I couldn't keeping myself standing, so I feel to my knees praying for God to give me a touch from the Lord, and soon right after that, I felt a touch on my back, then on my shoulder, then on my leg, and when I opened my eyes, there was no one around me, and the wind wasn't blowing. Some might say, "You were just imagining that, or maybe someone touched you then walked off." There's a difference when a human touches you, than when God touches you.

God bless you all.



My Still Waters Testimony
published on 8/12/2013

First of all, thank you Bro Joseph and all the staff at Still Waters for making Still Waters possible. For providing us young people with a place of refuge, our Juniper tree, in this chaotic world in which we live. I think I can speak for all the campers when I say we love you all and appreciate all you do for us. May God richly bless you!

This is my personal Still Waters testimony that happened to me at camp that I would like to share with you all.

The theme of this camp was AWESOME! The devil used to tell me that because I didn’t shout or cry out, that I was missing out on all of the blessings, everyone was getting it but me. The devil can’t tell me that anymore! Because as Bro Joseph was telling us, it isn’t in all the noise, but in the still small Voice.

The very 1st day at camp, during free time, Brother Joseph talked with us young people and told us that the theme of the camp was going to be "the Still Small Voice." He told us of an example where you would be going about your day and something would tell you to bring your sunglasses with you and you just brush that feeling off and go about your day, well you will find out that you need your sunglasses, he said that was that Still Small Voice, always listen to that Still Small Voice. That illustration really stuck with me throughout the day, as the devil would tell me that even if God did speak, I wouldn’t recognize it. I think that is why that illustration struck me, because I have had things like that happen to me before.

I had been praying before I went to camp that I wouldn't think about what others thought about me that I wanted to go to camp and have no restrictions.  I wanted to receive ALL that God had in store for me. Then later on during QT that day, I had prayed, "Lord if there is ANYTHING that you want me to do, tell me, and I will do it" so after QT was over, we went to the bonfire and it was a really good bonfire, the Holy Spirit was there. Bro Joseph closed in prayer and as he finished praying, a little voice told me "you should get re-baptized" I thought "no I don't need to get baptized, I have been baptized, I love the Lord, I love the Message, I don't need to get baptized again".  I tried to dismiss that feeling, well it came stronger, "you should get re-baptized" I tried to dismiss it several times, but it just kept coming stronger and stronger. It was so strong that I was shaking. Then I remembered what Brother Joseph was saying about that Still Small Voice! I thought "Lord, if that is what you want me to do, I will do it!"

I knew if I just kept dismissing it, I could go home and I would regret it for the rest of my life! Brother Joseph had told us earlier, that as soon as God starts speaking to your heart, the devil will be right there fighting you the whole way! And he was! Even after they told Bro Joseph there was a sister who wanted to be baptized, satan was telling me that I didn't have to do this, I could always change my mind, after all, people are going to think you are a back slider and you just came back to the message, and you aren't, you love the Lord, there is really no need to get re-baptized. I knew that was the devil, It seemed like Bro Joseph knew God was going to tell me to get re-baptized and he was preparing me all day for it!

Well after Brother G baptized me, it was as if a heavy burden was lifted, it felt like I did the right thing, I was supposed to do it. God spoke to me and I obeyed, I felt so free and at peace. I still kind of wondered why it was that I had to do that. Thursday we listed to "Be Certain of God" and I heard this quote:

"And you met every requirement. You believe that He is, and faith holds steady. Oh, blessed be His Name. Faith won't move, for it's sure that God is and a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.

"May this go way down deep and never move from you, Branham Tabernacle. If you've met God's requirement, and in your heart you believe that He is, God's only testing your faith, for He loves to do that. You've confessed your sin and you've met every requirement that God requires, and still He lays silent, remember, faith says that He is. Then faith holds onto it, not knowing what it's all about, but it knows that He is, and it's certain that He is.

"Then remember, if He is, His Word has to be true. And if He required you to meet these circumstances and you did, He's obligated to take care of His Word."

That really struck me, I'm so happy that I listened to that Still Small Voice! Everything else just fell into place throughout the rest of the camp! God is SO good!

God bless you all. Looking forward to seeing you again next year.



Closer To The Lord
published on 8/12/2013

I would just like to thank you all for what you do for the Young Foundations!! I had the Best time ever at Still Waters! I feel closer to the Lord than I had ever been!! Can not wait till next year!!!



Life Changing Moment
published on 8/12/2013

This camp was the most wonderful life changing moment i have ever had . I also wanted to say thank you so much to all the workers and chaperons for all they have done to work this out for all us young people .

I sure felt the holy spirit there around the whole camp during Quite time and Campfire and the Tape Services .

I really had a wonderful talk with Bro Joseph and i feel that we really clicked i don't know how else to say that but I don't Know ever since then I have felt stronger in the Lord and I felt that he seen in my life and and all i have done but i felt good somehow . That camp was the best week of my life . I would to ask if you could have Bro Joseph see this i think he would like it . I love and Miss you all and cant wait to see you next year if not sooner.



published on 8/12/2013

I simply want to take a few minutes to express my appreciation towards God for you all. Camp 3 has been a reel blessing to me, and has revolutionized my life in some simple and yet outstanding ways!

I just can't describe all of God great mercies and goodness that I've experienced during last camp, and I realize that it is all because of God's presence and of the many sacrifices that some of you made, so that all the campers could enjoy and appreciate the precious moments with the Lord.

I will forever remember the wonderful things that God told me through His Still Small Voice during last camp, about how to press on, and about self-sacrifice. During the thursday Quiet Time, while listening to the Message "Be Certain Of God", where Brother Branham is speaking about the 2 sticks that the Shunnamite woman had to pick up, representing self-sacrifice, it struck me.

And by God's help that's what I want to do, sacrifice my own self to be a help to the bride of Christ around this world, either here where I live or anywhere He wants me to be.

I'll be keeping you in my prayers, daily, so that God richly bless you for everything that you are doing, it is a real blessing to all of us.



My Tying Post
published on 8/12/2013

Before June camp I was struggling soo much with the trials in life, I was starving myself of spiritual food thus making the trials worse… I knew I needed to feed on the Word.

When I got to camp it just felt soo good, I didnt know what to expect. I felt an amazing fellowship or connection between me and the brothers! I always called other believers “brother” and “sister”; but at camp it made it REAL for me! At the first Quiet Time I had barely sat down, and I felt the Lord right away, and was like “boy this is gonna be a good Quiet Time!”

I was baptised as a young boy, but there was a little question about getting rebaptised because I was pretty young. I had been confessing I had the Holy Ghost for a while, but not 100% sure. I started to read and pray, I said “Lord, I honestly dont want ANY of this world, all I want is you! If its my pride of getting rebaptised thats getting in the way, I’ll do it! I don’t care anymore, I want to KNOW you.” I wanted a stake to drive down, so I asked the Lord one more time. “Lord is it too much to be like Gideon and ask for just a little sign; just a little conformation of the Holy Ghost, I dont want to wonder anymore! I don’t want to take a chance at my salvation.” Right after that I reached over and took my notebook and opened it to a "not so random" page. And the first thing I read was something I wrote a year and a half ago, saying " You can’t get the full potential of the Word of God if you are wondering. The Devil is the author of confusion" I was like WOW this is for me!! I knew immidiatly the next few sentences would be good! "You don’t wanna be stuck in the middle of a constant guessing game!" the next sentence made me rejoice sooo much "God gave me the Holy Ghost a long time ago because the first time that I believed it and truely repented" That sealed the deal, in all my excitement I grabed a stick that was near me and jabbed it in the ground, then realized that this was my tying post! Praise God!!!

I encourage every young man and woman to attend this camp, to come expecting your greatest expectation, the Lord will meet it! He backs up His Word! I thank Brother Joseph and all those involved for making this camp possible and available to young believers like me! I could just keep writing forever about the Lord! But I’ll continue in the Millineum! Not on a computer though!

Take Care; God Bless You All in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!



A Wonderful Time
published on 8/12/2013

Thank you so much Bro. Joseph, and Bro. Billy Paul, and all of the counselors, volunteers, and everyone for all that you did for us. I had a wonderful time at camp. I went expecting and got exactly what I needed. After Tues. night’s service, I can see such a difference in my life. I just wanted more of God and He gave me the desire of my heart.

When I do my quiet time now I can even feel a difference there, and I’m just so happy. I just want to continue to get closer to Him. Words can’t describe the great time that I had at Still Waters. Thank you all so much again for all that you do for us! God bless you!



The Greatest Gift
published on 6/14/2012

I just want you all to keep me in prayer as well as the other Still Water campers. For us to keep pressing on and fighting this battle against the devil. The words are indescribable what we experienced at the camp. It was just so awesome! The greatest gift we received was the Holy Ghost in our lives and it's here to stay forever this time in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I love you all so much for what you guys have done for us. Especially Brother Joseph. Please keep us in prayer to hold on to what God gave us, and we will definitely keep you all in prayer. You guys deserve the Lord's special blessing over and over and over again. Special thanks to all of the staff. I just want to say Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I love you all!



Thanks For Your Sacrifice
published on 6/14/2012

I wish to give my praise to the Lord Jesus Christ, and thanks to Him and you all who are involved in some way or another. Whether it be cleaning, feeding, or praying. It's all so important to us all. Thanks for Your sacrifice and efforts in being at the Still Waters Camp for my children.

I am also so proud of all the young people that made it to the first camp, to be in an atmosphere that God prepared for them to rest and be BLESSED. Thank you Brother Joseph and all members of the body for your sacrifice of love and labor.


brother steve

Keeping Up With Quiet Time
published on 6/14/2012

Thank you so much for the hard work you put into camp. This was my first year and I really needed a touch from God. And I know I got it, it was so good to be with those that are just like you. So many times i look around when i am out shopping and stuff and feel like I am the only one.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I am already looking forward to next year coming back a stronger and better Christian, I am keeping up with Quite Time. Thank you for getting me started in it. I look forward to it every day.


a sister

My Little Piece Of Heaven
published on 5/14/2012

I came expecting so much from the Lord to Still waters camp and now that the camp has ended, it's still NOT OVER for me...Still waters is my little piece of heaven that I will always testify of, wherever the Lord may take me. I'm so overjoyed and so blessed because the Lord met me and filled me with the Holy Ghost, His presence moves in Still waters, His Holy fire came down on me there. I AM HIDDEN IN CHRIST! Our promised blessings are beyond measure! Though the storm clouds may gather, though the rain may pour down upon us, the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, will comfort, strengthen, guide us and bring joy to our hearts as we walk uprightly and KEEP HIS WORD. When life is too hard to stand, I WILL KNEEL. Your sister in Christ.



The Best Week Of My Life
published on 5/14/2012

I just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing for us young people. I was privileged to be able to attend the camp this last week. It was by far the best week of my life. Everything was absolutely perfect, words simply cannot describe how wonderful it was. There was such a peace and love that goes beyond words. People have asked me since I've been home, "how was camp?" I answer that I am speechless, that everything was beyond perfect. This email feels so inadequate at describing how I feel. Everything during the whole week was wonderful and it ended with the greatest day of my life, rededicating my life to the Lord and receiving His greatest gift, the gift of His Holy Spirit. Thank you, Brother Joseph and Still Water's volunteers, for your labor of love that you have done for the youth of this Message and for this wonderful place you have helped provide, by His grace, for us. May God richly bless you!



Greater Than I Ever Expected
published on 5/14/2012

I would just like to share a testimony about my trip to the first Still Waters camp a couple weeks ago. It was such a blessing to be able to be at that camp. I was very blessed to have the chance to make new friends and to see the changes that took place in their hearts, as well as the changes in my own heart. I thank the lord for the wonderful opportunity that I had to go to this camp and draw closer to him.

When I went to the camp I was expecting a blessing to come out of it, but I never would have expected my blessing to be as great as it was and I certainly didn't deserve it. Before the camp, I wasn't living the way that I should, and I knew that I wasn't. I tried many times to give up the things of the world and to live like the kind of Christian that I knew i should be, but i couldn't do it on my own. Every time I tried to give up the things of the world, I would go about a week or two, but the devil always attacked me even harder and I would be back to my old ways all over again. Each time got harder and harder. Finally it got to the point that I didn't pray, read my bible, or listen to the right kind of music except for on Sundays. I felt horrible each day, and I knew i needed a REAL change in my life.

I knew that camp would be my answer. I counted down the days until camp and was expecting a blessing to come out of it. But camp was even greater than i ever expected. The lord really placed it upon my heart to surrender and give my whole heart and life to Him. I did and I've never felt better.

Of course, there are still many struggles that i go through each day, but I see a huge change in my life, and I love the lord more than i ever have. I hope to continue to grow closer to him everyday. I thank Bro. Joseph and all of the workers and volunteers of the camp for all that they have done. And I thank our wonderful lord and savior for allowing me to go to camp and draw so much closer to Him.

Your blessed sister in Christ



Honey On The Rock
published on 5/14/2012

I just wanted to share this with you before the next camp begins. I am praying that my daughter will send in her testimony about her experiences with the Lord during the June 6th camp. Bro. Joseph told them at the beginning about the honey on the rock. She told me that, up until the service Friday, they talked about going home each day and what time they were leaving. They had a great time but they still made their plans about going home. But after the service Friday, she said they did not want to leave, they could not leave. She told me how the Holy Spirit fell and her life is reflecting it now. I thought back to what Bro. Joseph said at the beginning of camp. About the honey on the rock. After years of running from the Lord, like the sick sheep, she had found the sodium.

All the Praise to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!



The Right Path
published on 5/14/2012

I just wanted to say I had an AWESOME time at camp...and Im very appreciative of Brother Joseph and all the volunteers and chaperones!!!! Without them it wouldn't of been possible! That fellowship was exactly what I needed to set me on the right path. Thank you and God Bless!!!!

Your sister in Christ!!!!



They All Want To Come Back
published on 5/14/2012

Dear Bro. Joseph and all the workers and volunteers at Still Waters Camp.

We want to thank you so much for all the work and sacrifice and for sanctifying yourselves for the service of the Lord in serving our young people this past week

Our hearts rejoice and we thank the Lord for all the wonderful things He did in the lives of our grandchildren who were there as well as all the other young people who were there at camp. We have been hearing all about the wonderful times they had and how God moved on their hearts.

Also in church Sunday 2 of our grandsons gave testimony of the great things God did for them while there. Nathan had to cry as he gave testimony of how he wondered before he went to camp if he had the Holy ghost and on Friday He knew! He got it.

Mark said the day Bro. Joseph gave them the "Be Certain of God" it was just for him and he rededicated his life to the Lord and was rebaptized.

Hannah told her parents the atmosphere there was like she was in another world. The pictures as wonderful as they are can't explain being there.

Caleb and Isaac are sharing so many testimonies with their families and Zachary enjoyed himself so much and we believe God is doing an ongoing work in his heart.

They all want to come back. None of them wanted to leave. They said everyone treated them so nice and loving. Thank you and God bless you again and again. We have another grandson coming to the next camp. Jason Hess 15. We are so happy for him.


brother and sister brandt

A Special Testimony Service
published on 5/14/2012

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Special Thanks to Brother Joseph, Brother Gordon, the Counselors and all the staff at Still Waters Camp. Yesterday we had a special testimony service for those who were priveledged to be to the camp. All the parents ,grandparents and saints were so happy to hear of the impact the camp had on there spiritual lives. God Bless you for all your endeavors efforts and hard work. It is truly bearing fruit in their lives. What a wonderful investment you have made in their lives for Eternity.


brother david

The Best Part
published on 5/14/2012

Dear Brother Joseph, and all the ones that have helped at still waters camp..there's no words to describe what i am feeling right now...I have been doing quiet time since i left..to me quiet time was the best part ..getting to talk with the lord and read the Bible.....I have 2 sisters that are going to be going in july and ever since i got home i have been talking to them about camp...camp was so awesome that i didn't want to leave....It made me cry....I just want to say once more thanks to all of you......I will miss you all May the lord bless each and everyone of you!!!