About Still Waters

The Bible tells us that in the last days, perilous times would come. Today, it seems that whenever we leave our homes, the enemy surrounds us. He is on the roads, on the billboards, at school, at the store, everywhere. And all too often, his target is our young people. Wouldn't it be nice to have a place that is separated from the world that surrounds us every day, a place where we could refresh our spirits, and is completely devoted to drawing us closer to our Lord Jesus Christ?

Still Waters is just that place.

Like the cities of refuge in the Bible, this is where believers can find safety from our enemy. This is a place where the Holy Spirit is welcome to move about as He pleases, and He won't be hindered by outside influences. There are no cell phones, no internet, no television, nothing but a group of Christian young people and a few consecrated counselors to help them along the way.

Within the 100-acre property is a large lake with canoes, kayaks, pontoon boats, WaveRunners, a white-sand beach, and the fishing is excellent. The 70-foot-tall zip line tower begins the 850 feet ride across the lake. A world-class paintball field and rifle and archery ranges were built on wooded property to the north of the lake. The paintball field looks like a combat zone with a downed jet, military vehicles, bunkers, and lookout towers. The rifle range is equipped with highly accurate .22 rifles, complete with powerful scopes and bench rests. The archery range has compound bows in a variety of sizes, and a few recurves for those who want a little more challenge to their shooting. Of course, each area is closely supervised with at least two chaperones instructing the campers on safety and proper shooting techniques. South of the archery range, are side-by-side, white sand, professional volleyball courts complete with bleachers. Nearby, there is a quarter-mile-long go kart track with fast, state-of-the art karts; race monitors; and bleachers for spectators. Four tractors pull around wagons loaded with campers to each area. There are even mountain bikes available for leisurely rides around the property.

Yes, Still Waters sounds like a lot of fun, but that's just the "bait on the hook." The activities allow the campers to relax and fellowship with each other, and bond with other boys and girls, while completely separated from the world.

It provides a setting for the Holy Spirit to take over. After their minds have gone away from the constant pressures that attack them each day, they will have the opportunity to enter into prayer and study of God's Word. Each morning will start with devotions to the Lord, and the evenings will end with the same. The peaceful times of prayer, the worship in the Chapel, the time spent alone in the shade of a tree while reading their Bibles, the evenings around the bonfire singing praises to the Lord will all be something that stays with them forever.

When they arrive, some will already be consecrated Christians, just desiring a closer walk with the Lord. Others will need physical healing. Some will be struggling and crying out for a life-changing experience. When the campers leave here, they probably won't be talking about playing paintball or catching fish. In fact, it will be the farthest thing from their minds. They will leave with an experience that will last them a lifetime. If they come expecting, ALL of them WILL receive what they are asking for.