Still Waters Home Camp 2021

It's that time of year again...Camp Season!!!... STILL WATERS HOME CAMP SEASON!!

We have already notified and mailed a special package to YF trophy youth who have been faithfully taking the tape quizzes, but WE WANT YOU TO PARTICIPATE ALSO!! Although you may not get a package in the mail, you can still participate in every activity we have planned for SWHC 2021 has a resource button where you can access tutorials, downloads, and printables for all the items you need for your Home Camp. There is also a schedule of events so you can follow along with other Campers from around the world. Also, get your phones ready to upload pictures of the event! Visit this link to learn more.

SWHC 2021 will begin on Friday, September 24th, and end on Sunday, September 26th. Come join us for a fun-filled weekend, full of Stimulation by Revelation!

God bless you,

Brother Joseph


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