Are you ready for some



Although this Camp will most likely be at your home with your family this year, you are soon going to take a journey that you will NEVER forget!

As you know, SWHC 2021 is a reward to you for keeping up with those tape quizzes. That is SO IMPORTANT to me... You see, right now when you take the Tape Quizzes, you are answering questions on paper; but one day, if not already, those questions won't be on paper, but ON YOUR HEART, and those same tapes will have ALL the answers. The answer to EVERY QUESTION you will ever have, is on the Tapes, THANK THE LORD! Aren't you happy for that!? I am too.

The theme of the camp is "Stimulation By Revelation." We all know what that means. When we hear the prophet bring forth the divine revelation of the Word, and then the Lord quickens it to OUR hearts, it excites us and inspires us like NOTHING else can. Thank you Lord Jesus, for predestinating us to have that REVELATION of Your Message in our hearts!

You will notice a special logo on several of the items you will receive in your backpack. It is a capital R with a circle around it, similar to a registered trademark symbol. Well, a registered trademark means OWNERSHIP of something, and our "R" stands for YOU OWN THE REVELATION!...NO ONE can take it from you.

Don't forget to prepare yourselves for the weekend by watching the Creations and Homeschool videos available on this website! Get all the supplies you need for camp, and most importantly, READ YOUR BIBLE, PRAY, AND PRESS PLAY EVERY DAY!!!

I'd like to welcome you to join me and believers around the world for a wonderful weekend, full of fun activities, great fellowship, and STIMULATION by REVELATION, from the WORD.

God bless you,