SW Camp 4 - A Special Testimony


Camp 4 at Still Waters was exactly what it was intended to be; a place of refuge for God's weary children. From miraculaous healings of sickness and disease, to the salvation of lost souls, to the filling and re-filling of the Holy Ghost, God moved at Still Waters last week. There was none that could deny His August Presence.

Instead of trying to write a lengthy report of just how the Lord moved at this camp, we're going to let you read for yourself from the words of one of the campers. Not only that, but we encourage you to watch the "Still Waters Camp Interviews" to see how God is changing and encouraging young lives at His camp.

We pray you enjoy this wonderful testimony of a Sisters journey from Guyana, South America to Still Waters.

It was always my heart’s desire to attend the Still Waters Camp, but I never had the opportunity because it was very difficult for individuals who are single in Guyana to obtain a US visa because of the strict requirements. The LORD intervened for me in early 2015 by provided my first US visa through an Exchange Program run by the US Department of State. I was nominated to represent my country Guyana in the US. My participation in this program made it very easy for me to obtain my US travel visa later on. It all seemed impossible to the human eyes that I could ever be part of Still Waters Camp, but God had His Own plans for me.

He knew exactly what I needed and worked it all out perfectly according to His purpose. It was on the 2nd of September 2016 when I received a phone call that I was accepted into the Still Waters Camp 4. I was extremely excited that God had finally granted the petition of my heart by giving me the opportunity to attend the Still Waters Camp. The very moment I entered the Still Waters Camp, I felt like I was escorted by Angels to experience a little taste of Heaven. It was a very special time for me, spending a week with just my LORD, and was the best time of my life ever. Everything I ever needed to enhance my spiritual walk with the LORD was there just for me. The LORD was right beside me throughout the entire Still Waters Camp to have fellowship and listen to me. He provided me with answers for every question I had. From the very first day at camp, the LORD spoke with me through every song sung, every exhortation given, and every Message played. The LORD had been communicating with me throughout the entire Still Waters Camp and each Quiet Time was very special.

I remember asking the LORD for Something very important during Quiet Time, because I really wanted a confirmation to know if He is with me. He did not let me down. Through the Tape Messages played, the LORD confirmed He knew exactly what I needed. While we were listening to the Tape service, I asked the LORD within my heart for the same Pillar of Fire that was with Brother Branham to come right where I was, just to be sure that I am His. I know that the Lord Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, and just like He visited during the Prophet’s days, He could also visit us. As the days went by at Still Waters, my relationship with my LORD became stronger and sweeter. On Friday after listening to the Tape Message entitled, "Then Jesus Came and Called", we were worshiping the LORD, singing and praising, and I felt Him passing by me. With my eyes closed, I saw a very bright Light focused into my eyes, and then it turned into the color of fire for a while. I believe that the same Pillar of Fire that was in the prophet's meetings visited us at the meeting. I had asked the LORD to provide me with witnesses for a confirmation before I shared what He did for me. After the camp, God lead me to two other witnesses so far, Brother Jeremy Evans and Brother John Wahl who also had a similar experience.

My heart is rejoicing to know that He is with me. I would like to thank Brother Joseph Branham and the Still Waters Camp Team for responding to the burden of the young people. Special THANK YOU to my precious LORD Jesus Christ for His unconditional love towards me, and His abundant blessings in my life. I would not trade Him for anything this world has to offer.

God bless you all!

Sister Miriam Jainarine

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