Still Waters Camp 3 - 2016


Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

What a wonderful week we had at Still Waters! Every camp has the same Holy Spirit, but He always manifests Himself in different ways. These campers had zeal! We had a lot of fun in the Welcome Center as we shouted, sang, and banged on the tables. The song that seemed to be the theme of this camp was, “I Am In The Lord’s Army.” The walls would shake when they would shout out, “YES SIR!” Then, everything would completely change as we walked out to our individual places for Quiet Time. That little portion of the Lord’s Army present at Still Waters would bring their same zeal into the quiet worship that is always present around the lake. Like usual, the highlight was the Friday morning service. Brother G did a great job inviting the Spirit with song, and then the prophet made this challenge to the youth:

“The time has come for action. The time has come to believe or don't believe. That separating line comes to every man and woman. It comes to every child. Sometimes when you pass that line, there is only one thing left, that's judgment, when you pass between mercy and judgment, when you pass that line.”64-0213 Then Jesus Came And Called

Truly, this past Still Waters camp saw many predestinated seeds of God enlist themselves into the Lord’s Army. They did not miss their opportunity! I wish all of you could have been there to see these young people dedicate their hearts to the Lord. I was so proud, and I know Father was too.

Brother Joseph