Still Waters Camp 1 - 2016


Gasps of awe coupled with wide eyes, starring from a zip-line chair at an absolute gorgeous view of the lake below, screams of thorough enjoyment shatter the normal silence of the woods, victorious cries rise from the paintball field and whooshes of swift arrows float from the archery range. The volleyball and human-foosball courts are alive with oohs and aahs; jubilation at a hard earned goal. At even, an hour of silence in deep personal communion with The Almighty, as night falls beautiful singing harmonies carry across the still waters of the lake. The voice of Elijah rides the airwaves from the chapel, young hands are lifted high in surrender, tears flow from closed eyes, as heads and hearts bow in reverence. After three long years of hard work, intense preparation and high anticipation, God has made ALL things beautiful for HIS glory, in HIS time.

Your new Camp Facility is beautiful! Every detail of it is put together with love for the best young people on earth.

As the countdown clock on the Still Waters website got closer to striking zero, the brothers and sisters working at the lake were maxed out making sure everything was just right for the excited campers.

Expectations were soaring, excitement was at an all-time high, the 7 second videos and unique pictures on the SW website over the past years made sure a lot of curiosity was also in the mix!

Sure enough, Day one of Camp one dawned and the line of cars ferrying the first campers lined up the new Still Waters Boulevard. The Lord gave us some rain before check-in commenced, a true testament to the Spiritual blessings He would pour on the young people that week just like Bro. Branham says in his prayer:

And now, as it's raining outside, may the Spirit of the Lord rain upon us, on the inside, down in our hearts, and make known to us His Divine province, our…the will of God to be willed in our life. 64-0412

Carload by carload, beaming faces walked through the doors of the New Welcome Center checked in and were ferried to their new bunkhouses! Ramoth, Kadesh, Bezer and Hebron are totally different BUT true to their names, they still are real cities of refuge.

Preliminaries and orientation were quickly over and it was time for our first meet and meal in the beautiful welcome center.

Just before lunch, Brother Joseph welcomed the guests and told them how every detail of the place had been put together in LOVE for them. And that we appreciate the Lord for giving us a wonderful place to hide way from the world to get closer to the Lord BUT the buildings were just buildings, the campers were the life of Still Waters they brought the place to life. And it was not the structure but the presence of the Lord that made the place Holy. Brother Joseph told the young people that none of them would leave the same way they came, he guaranteed that every single one of the young people will leave camp closer to the Lord. God saw to that. After lunch the campers were released to go and check out their camp. Still Waters was alive again! The wave-runners were sending energetic whitecaps to the shore, the canoers paddling through the waves, fish being reeled out one after another. We are sure that by now the surviving fish have taken the word to the most remote corners of the lakebed that the campers are back!!

The zip-line zipped across the lake providing great rides, a cool breeze and a view like no other. A totally transformed and beautiful Crown and Glory was open for our sisters to sew, do craftwork and have their hair done. Volleyball and the new Human-foosball were lively and kicking.

All too soon the day was nearly over but the best was yet to come for day 1. Our first Quiet Time was really special; as the lake fell quiet, the Lord moved in the cool of the evening just like he did with Adam and Eve in the perfect Garden of Eden. The scripture says God inhabits the praises of His people; sweet melodies from grateful hearts rang around the campfire. By the end of Bonfire 2 of the campers walked into the lake to take the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in baptism. Our day couldn’t have ended any better. On Tuesday all the activities were open, the go-kart track, a modified paintball field, the archery and gun ranges etc. and the campers spent the day sweeping around the lake partaking of the honey on the rock. After seeing the new Still Waters Camp, one of the campers told the chaperone, “If the honey is like this, I can’t wait to get to the rock! He was right, The Rock was even better.

That evening they gathered in the new Chapel for the very first service in this new place. Brother Joseph spoke from his heart and let us know that this place will be dedicated to the Message of The Hour which God chose to bring through His prophet Brother Branham. Brother G led us on in the service preparing our hearts for the coming Word. The message, “Thirsting For Life. 59-0414” was perfect for the beginning of camp. Many young people could identify with that little hart who had a gaping, bleeding wound from a deadly bite by the wicked hounds of hell who were hot in pursuit, but for the next couple of days they could literally sit in that inexhaustible artesian well and heal while drinking of its life giving resource. That night 9 more souls gave their hearts to the Lord in baptism. The camp was indeed going from glory to glory.

They kept building on the momentum of the Holy Spirit on Wednesday. Quiet Time and Bonfire at the end of the day brought the campers even closer. It’s hard to describe in words what happens during bonfire but we will say the Lord is present and He makes Himself known. Another 2 souls felt the pull of God in their lives and wanted to get baptized that very night! Slowly but surely the chains were falling off some precious lives and Satan’s death grip was waning. Thursday morning Quiet Time has always been special at camp; this one was no exception. After a really encouraging exhortation by Brother Joseph, each camper took their tablet and found a good place to settle around the lake in preparation to hear God’s prophet bring a liberating message of pardon in the message, “The Perfection 57-0419.” There is no telling what that message did, does and will do to every believer who listened, listens and will listen to it. Here is a portion of how our pardon read:

Then my salvation, yours, tonight, does not hinge upon the merits of our own acts. It hinged upon the positive sovereign grace of Almighty God Who has chosen us in Him. Certainly. I could never be perfect, nor you could never be perfect. And we don't claim to be perfect. But we have this one consolation, that, our faith rests in a perfect Sacrifice that's already been received!

Then how do we know that we get That? When the worshiper puts his hands, by faith, upon the body of the Lord Jesus, and feels the terror of sin, and the mock of spit in his own face, feels the groanings of Gethsemane, the agonies of Calvary, and knows that he is guilty, and confesses his sins correctly, "O Blessed Lord, I am guilty. And I have no other way but You to help me. And by faith…You're bidding, the Holy Spirit, has come and bids me come. And I now, by faith, accept Jesus as my personal Saviour." That Life that come from Him on Calvary, called the Holy Ghost, which was hid in the Blood cell of the Lord Jesus, returns to the worshiper and baptizes him with the Holy Ghost, into the Body of Christ.

And He is already judged. You don't have to worry about judgment. As I turn and look at that little crucifix, I realize that, that it represents His body. And now that body has already been judged. God can't justly judge it again, for it's already judged. God struck the judgments of death upon that body. And as long as I can find a way to get hid in that body! His judgment was struck for me and for you. We are free! Romans 8:1, said, "There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus, that walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit." There you are, no condemnation! I don't care what comes or what goes, you are hid beneath the Blood. 57-0419 The Perfection

A pardon is not a pardon unless it’s accepted as a pardon, The Campers at Still Waters ACCEPTED it that Thursday morning.

The rest of the day was packed; lunch, group photos, team competitions for different activities, showers, supper, snow-cones and to top it off we had our final bonfire. The campers were full of energy and the heartfelt praise and worship that rose up honoring our Lord was a true sacrifice of praise from cleansed lips.

Taking part in activities together, the fellowship, laughter, lively meal-times and bunkhouse devotions every morning and evening made sure that all the spooks were being driven away as Brother Branham would say. Friday morning found us in one place, with one mind and in one accord, a perfect condition for another Pentecost.

The singing sounded beautiful in the chapel that morning as Brother G led an amazing song service and as Brother Joseph introduced the message “Then Jesus Came and Called.” We were ready to enter into the Holy of Holies and let the veil fall behind us as we partook of the unfailing manna, fresh as ever from the golden pot. The Lord Jesus came and called his little lambs that morning, the lambs knew His voice and answered the call. As the song, Sing Hallelujah to the lamb’” rang out wave after wave of the Holy Ghost swept through the building, sealing many unto the day of our redemption.

The sweet spirit continued with us through the Baptismal that followed the service. Brother Branham put the value of one soul at ten thousand worlds! It would have been worth all the toil and we would’ve been very grateful to the Lord if one soul had surrendered their life to the Lord Jesus. However the Lord harvested to Himself a lot more than one. A total of 21 young people were baptized during the five day camp and many more renewed their Christian experience and left with a revived resolve to continue serving the Lord.