Still Waters 2016 Camps

2 years, 4 months, 11 days, and some odd minutes. That's WAY too long to make a bunch of anxious kids wait before they can experience a Still Waters camp! Right?

We couldn't agree more! And we're thankful to announce that your wait is nearing its end, as Still Waters camp is on the verge of revealing its new facility.

As you know, the devil is always at every corner trying to interrupt the plan of God and the blessings for His children. We've had many set-backs and surprises over the past few years, but through the help of our Lord, your new camp is beautiful. Every detail has been made to prepare it for the greatest people on the face of the earth; God's little Bride.

We'll be wrapping up the final details at SW over the next several months, so that means it's time to get the registration process started!

The big day for the official registration will be February 6th, 2016. Below are the tentative dates we have chosen for camps this year. Please look over them carefully so that you can choose the camp that will best suit your personal schedules when the time comes. Also note that due to camps starting later in the year, we will only be holding 4 camps instead of 5, and therefore we will only have one 13-15 year old camp this year. If the Lord tarries, we will have a fuller schedule in the years to come.

• July 18-22: 16-28 Camp

• August 1-5: 13-15 Camp

• August 22-26: 16-28 Camp

• September 5-9: 16-28 Camp

Just like in past years, you MUST have an activated YF account in order to register for an SW camp. If you DO NOT have a YF account, please go to our SIGN UP PAGE to create one. If you are signed up but do not remember your ID#, please send us an email at and we will send you your ID# as soon as possible. If needed, you can reset your password on the login page by selecting 'forgot password' and typing in your ID#. Also note that re-signing up in YF does not tell us that you need an ID#, it simply updates your current information.

The more you prepare before the registration date, the faster and easier your registration process will be. You can visit the Still Waters FAQ page to find the answers to most of your questions, including questions on international registration. For any other questions concerning camp, please email

We are very excited for what the Lord has in store this year, and we know you are too. We will be posting more details on registration in the days to come, such as time and ways to speed up the process, so be sure to keep a look-out on the website! The first camp is only 6 months from registration day, so don't worry, with school, work, and all the other things in-between, it'll come a lot faster than you think!

Until then, stay prayed up and anticipating great things!