Global Quiet Time


When you drop a stone in the water, what happens? It starts a ripple, and that first ripple creates another ripple, and another, and another, and on and on until it spans the entire body of water. When you take one little action to drop a stone in the water, it will create thousands of other actions. The bigger the stone, the bigger the results.

Now imagine applying that to your spiritual life. Take just five minutes of your day and spend it sincerely talking to our Lord Jesus. Watch how it changes the course of your day. Your attitude, your spirit, your discernment, your actions, your thoughts, your decisions; the list goes on and on. How about 10 minutes? 30 minutes? How about one hour out of 24?

At the recent Still Waters camp, the young people learned, or were reminded, what "quiet time" is. I could tell just by watching their actions each day how that one hour of quiet time made an impact in their walk with Christ. By day three, four, and five of camp, many of their lives had changed. 121 souls took on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ in baptism! Many were filled with the Holy Ghost. Why? Because they got quiet before God. They meditated on the Word. They heard His Voice. And when we keep Him before us like that, we will always see results and a change.

Brother Branham encouraged a prayer time for believers around the world, through a universal prayer offered to the Lord at 9:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 3:00 pm:

"At the same time, I ask everyone to pray at--at nine o'clock at morning, twelve o'clock at day, three o'clock in the afternoon. And that's the world around. And people get up at midnight in the night, in old countries to keep that prayer chain at the same time. Literally, tens of thousands and thousands of thousands are praying at the same time. God's bound to hear; you're just--you're just storming heaven with prayer (You see?), so He's got to hear. Just think how many faithful people in there. And they're praying one for the other, everyone praying. They laid on them and pray. I've had so many glorious testimonies of those things that our Lord has did." 53-1201

I would also like to encourage everyone to participate in "quiet time" around the world.

Starting Saturday on the 24th of September, we will begin an international quiet time for all believers who wish to take part. Every Saturday at 7am (Jeffersonville time), believers spanning the entire globe will be finding their special places to get quiet before God. I know it will make a difference in your life, as it certainly has mine.

To those that don't have an hour, and can just give 30 minutes, 20 minutes, or 10 minutes; the Lord will take it. Then the ripples would turn into waves, and those waves will take you into that Holiest of Holies, to keep your life "hid with Christ in God." (COL 3:3)

Brother Joseph Branham