Work Has Begun


Work has begun!!!!

Things are happening at Still Waters! Bull dozers, concrete trucks, backhoes, framing crews and much more are working like a colony of ants around here, and a lot is getting done!

For quite some time, I've been thinking about the long term plan for Still Waters. I've really been seeking the mind of the Lord on a lot of things. First, the bunk houses. The tents were fun but the constant upkeep to keep them from leaking, fixing tears, the uphill battle of keeping them cool during the day, and warm at night was a lot of work. I've always wanted permanent sleeping quarters, and now they are well on their way. It is a big job to get them all done in the off season. I've questioned if it was even possible to get them done before camp next year. Then there are other permanent buildings, a new parking lot, and some other surprises that I'm not going to tell you about (yet.)

A question that I have been placing before the Lord for quite some time was, should I do these things over a number of years during the off seasons, or just get them done all at once and not have camp for a year. I feel the Lord has led me to get it all done at once, and not have camp in 2014.

I know that it seems like a disappointment, but truly, it isn't. We seek the Lord's will in all things and I feel that this is His will. Look at it this way - in only 11 short months you will be registering for an all new Still Waters Camp!

We are going to be showing you a lot of the upgrades as they are happening, but not everything...I like surprises :)

Beginning today, you can track the construction progress from the Still Waters home page. There will be an announcement on the YF homepage when the next set of photo updates is available. We will be updating it at least a couple times per month.

I hope that you understand why there won't be camps in 2014, and trust you will be praying with us as we move forward in what we know will be a great blessing for everyone.

God bless you,
Brother Joseph