Precious Memories


While eating our last lunch together, you could see a battle of emotions in everyone's faces. We were all still buzzing from our week of fellowship, but it was starting to sink in that in just a few minutes it was all coming to an end. Then Brother Joseph approached the microphone and asked the young soldiers if they could stay for another week! The crowd immediately stood up and erupted with a roar of applause as the adult chaperones looked at each other with nervous smiles, asking under their breath "do you think he's serious?"

Unfortunately, or thankfully, depending on your perspective, we were not prepared to hold on to 130+ screaming young teenagers for another week of action packed fun and praise. But Brother Joseph did have another idea: "let's make a quick trip down to the parking lot, there's already a bunch of parents there that need to hear us sing." We loaded up and gave the onlooking parents a taste of what the past 5 days had been like.

There were 28 baptisms that took place during the 5 day camp. Praise the Lord! Once again "quiet time" was the undisputed, number one answer to the question of "what is your favorite thing about camp." Of course paintball, archery, rifle shooting, boats, canoes, blobbing, etc, were all very much enjoyed by this special group of young people. Not to mention the delicious food, the camp fire singing, the girl's hair day, and the whole array of other events.

For those of you who enjoyed quiet time with us from home, thank you. We could definitely feel the answers to your prayers. To all the campers, thank you for being such a good example of young Christian lives. We love you, and trust you will continue to grow in Him. Don't forget your quiet time!