Opening Day


On October 8th of last year, Still Waters launched its first ever camp into full tilt for the local youth of Jeffersonville, Indiana. It was a preliminary run to see if everything was up to par with VGR standards.

WOW, was it ever!!! We never had so much fun and excitement, so you can imagine what the youth were experiencing. From kayaks, canoes and pontoons, to bicycling, tractor rides, and bonfires, to paintball, bow-and-arrows, and a gun range, there was SOO much to do and so little time to fit it all in. The great thing is… there's more this year! Throw in a 20-foot high platform towering over a ginormous air blob in the water for a hot summer day cool down. But not before you get all hot and sweaty playing in a sand volleyball tournament.

There'll be tons to do for everyone, but we're never to forget the "main thing." Hearing the Voice of God echo off the still waters, and your time alone with God on the peaceful lakeshore, will mean far more than all the fun and excitement we could offer. Our biggest request from camps all over the world is "more time," and "more services." And that's just what we plan to do. Our goal and hearts' desire is that every camper that steps foot onto Still Waters soil will leave a different person; a new person in Christ Jesus our Lord.

We have so much in store for you, but you'll have to come and see to find out the rest!