Holy Ground


"I was, today, just bragging on that certain young man that got up and was talking about the--the young people's rally. And I told my daughter. I said, "Now, you want to make it your business to get in there." She said, "I don't know nobody in there." I said, "You'll know somebody, or everybody will know you. Just go on in, anyhow." And I'm praying that she receives the baptism of the Holy Ghost during this rally up there." 63-0122

No doubt there were many parents before last weeks Still Waters camp who spoke something similar to their children as Brother Branham did here, and prayed a similar prayer. Many of their prayers were answered.

On Monday, the 8th of August, a special group of young believers arrived at Still Waters Camp. It was the final scheduled camp of the year, and these youth of the Message from all parts of the United States, Canada, Europe, and South America, came prepared for the experience of a lifetime.

Why were they here at Still Waters? Before the foundation of the world, God knew they would need a young people's rally to encourage them to hide their lives in Christ.

Think what had to take place in God's Mastermind for this to transpire in 2011. From the written Word, to the prophet of Malachi 4, to the End-time Message, to a son to spread that Message, to a burden to make it real in the hearts of God's children, came Still Waters Youth Retreat.

Last week 128 campers experienced a life changing touch from the Holy Ghost. From day one of camp, the Lord Jesus paid them a special visit at their first quiet time and bonfire of the week. Songs of worship and unity were sung to build a strong tie of love for our Lord Jesus and one another.

Everyday escalated with the blessings of good times and fellowship, and every evening grew stronger in love and the presence of the Lord. By day three of camp, the Lord let us know He was pleased with His little lambs when an outpouring of the Holy Spirit came swooping down from Heaven and erupted in the hearts of the youth. The shouts and screams of praise could be heard clear across the lake. One late-night worker stated that he heard the sudden change of noise coming from the bonfire. "I thought, "wow they're singing loud!" Then I realized they weren't singing, they were praising God. It got so loud I could clearly hear the words they were saying across the lake. I couldn’t stand on my feet. I dropped to the ground and started praying for them." The highlight night ended with 20 souls breaking the still waters to be baptized.

The same sweet Spirit was still present the following morning as each camper sat near the lake shore and heard the prophet instruct them to Be Certain of God. There was reverence and silence in Chapel Hill tent when everyone made their way back for lunch. The rest of the day was filled with group activities and one final bonfire, followed by another five baptisms.

The last morning of camp was the climax of the week. Door To The Heart was the message to be heard. What a refreshing time! For some it was a time of justification, for others sanctification and the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and for others a refilling of the Holy Ghost. As Brother Branham said in the message, it was Pentecost in action.

The camp was concluded with a final baptismal service that tallied up to 42 souls. Thank you Lord Jesus, for the blessings and changed lives you brought to Still Waters!