Josiah was only eight years old when he took the responsibility to reign as king over Jerusalem. "And he did that which was right in the sight of the LORD, and walked in all the way of David his father, and turned not aside to the right hand or to the left."

It was a lad that held Samson by the hand and laid his hands upon the pillars before he called upon the Lord to give him strength once more to avenge the Philistines.

David was but a youth when he accepted the challenge to fight Goliath, the uncircumcised Philistine. "Thou comest to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield: but I come to thee in the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied." He slew the giant and Israel was victorious.

There was a lad with only five barley loaves, and two small fishes, but the Lord Jesus took of his food and fed about five thousand men, beside women and children.

These are some of the examples Brother Gordon used when he introduced the theme of the second Still Waters youth camp this past week. The youth, ranging from ages 13-15, were reminded that God has used His little children all throughout the Bible, and He can use them too if they can become "Hidden in Christ in God."

Arrival time for camp was Monday morning, 8-10. Cars streamed into the Still Waters entrance, and parents dropped off their children to release them into our care for the next five days. Here they would be separated from the cares and pull of the world, and hidden away in Christ.

This group of young believers started off a little more reserved than the older youth a few weeks earlier, but it wasn’t long before their youthful exuberance emerged and created a lively atmosphere. After finding their tents of refuge and setting up their bunks for the next week, we gave them a quick orientation and set them loose to get comfortable with one another and release some of their built up excitement. And yes, they had a lot of energy! Some spent the whole afternoon kayaking and canoeing, some road bikes 17 times around the 1.2 mile road surrounding the lake, while many played ping-ping, corn-hole, and enjoyed meeting new friends.

To end their first evening at Still Waters, Brother Joseph spoke a few encouraging words to the youth and introduced them to “quiet time.” He asked them to find their own special spot on the lake, and get alone with God. We didn’t know exactly what to expect with the younger youth, but we were pleasantly surprised. After the bon-fire that evening, one young brother came to Brother Joseph already wanting to be baptized, that night. 14 others followed him into the Still Waters. What a blessed encouragement this was. We knew this was going to be a good week.

Day two followed with a lot of excitement. Each tent began their first morning in prayer and devotions to start the day off right. There was a whole lot of excitement at the breakfast tables, clapping, shouting, laughing, and banging on tables, but we thought, “this won’t last long after we tire them out.” We found out later we were wrong! This group of younger youth seemed to have a lot more energy than the older ones, but they also seemed to be more sensitive to the presence of the Holy Spirit.

After breakfast there was a burst of energy to be first at the paintball field, or on the pontoon boats, or to get to the bikes before they were all taken. The youth had a blast, and went through WAY more paintballs than we ever imagined. They ended the afternoon with another hour of peaceful quiet time, and then rallied back at Chapel Hill to hear Brother Gordon speak to their hearts about becoming “Hidden in Christ in God.”

Day three was “Blob Day” on the water. The guys were first to experience the thrill of jumping off a 20 foot platform into the refreshing water, while the ladies went below the hill to play some paint ball and shoot at the gun and archery ranges. They switched roles after lunch, and you could hear the girls screaming from below as the boys battled it out on the paintball field, Ramoth verses Kadesh tent. The Lord blessed us with another beautiful, picture-perfect day at Still Waters.

That evening after supper, the youth were given another hour of free time to do whatever they wanted. Many took this opportunity to spend alone with the Lord, while others quietly strolled around the peaceful waters before the bon-fire began. By this time the youth were getting much more lively and involved as Brother William and Brother Gordon led them in songs of worship and praise to God.

After breakfast on the last full day at camp, Brother Joseph posed a question to each and every young believer present, “Brother Branham said there are three kinds of believers in every group. Believers, make believers, and unbelievers. Which one are you? This day as we hand you an Ipod to listen to God’s prophet speak, you’ll have to make that choice.”

Everyone was handed an Ipod and earbuds to find their special spots. They would push play at the same time when Brother Joseph range the bell on Chapel Hill, along with believers from all parts of the world. The chosen message: “Be Certain Of God.” What a blessing it was to see these young hearts scattered around the lake, listening to the Voice of God, hands raised, and making the decision of which kind of a believer they are.

The final morning of camp was the finale. It was the climax of why we were all gathered at Still Waters; to worship and draw closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. The message was perfect, "Door To The Heart." It stirred every soul present as Brother Branham beckoned them to open up every door and let Christ in. "You ones here who are standing here with your heads bowed, just look to Him now and open every door in your heart, and say, "Lord Jesus, make me what I ought to be. I've kept little doors shut in my heart to keep You from coming in. I was afraid that I might do wrong, might be--might not be able to make it. But I'm going to trust in You; I'm open my door of faith tonight. I'm opening my door of pride. I'm opening my door of own private life. I'm opening my door of selfishness. I'm opening every door that I got. Come in and be Lord of me. Take me, and take... Get into my little bark and steer me across life's solemn main. And when the sun sets in my life with the sunset and evening star, one clear call for me, May there be no moaning at the bar, when I put out to sea." May it be that way with you now..."

Not one seat was filled. Every young person present was at the alter crying out to God to come in and fill every door in their hearts, and He did. How glorious it was to see how Almighty God spoke to His young children and beckoned them to come unto Him. They heeded the call. Seven more souls stepped into the Still Waters and took on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ that Friday afternoon, totaling 22 souls.

It was difficult for everyone to say goodbye when it came time to check out and leave camp. They made many new friends and had many wonderful, life-changing experiences, but Brother Joseph also left them with two new words to take with them: hypoglycemia and contagious.

We pray that is what each and every camper left with, with the never ending need and desire for more of the Word of God, and to be contagious with it.