Camp 3, 2012


Each Still Waters camp holds new faces, new characters, new experiences and new challenges. Every young person comes from a different walk of life; some from strong Christian families, some from broken families, and some with really no family at all. From anchored to struggling believers, to lost and wayward souls, each camper somehow makes it to Still Waters by the predestined will of God. The Lord knows the exact needs of each of His little sheep, and we’re so thankful that He has used this place of refuge for them to lick the honey off the rock to get to the sustaining minerals of Life. What are these minerals? The Word of God.

Day one of camp was somewhat the usual meeting and studying of new faces. It was an amazing group of young people, and there were many who came needing that special touch from our Lord Jesus. Many were expecting it, while others weren’t. Little did they know that He was expecting them.

After the soul stirring message played the second evening of camp, That Day On Calvary became a living reality to those youth in need of the Rock Christ Jesus. It became a Thing that exists in fact and in the heart, rather than a thing of thought or idea. “God is real and alive, and He died so that I could be free!”

The presence of the Lord continued to grow each day, until It broke free following Thursday evenings bonfire. Twenty-four went into the Still Waters that night to make a public display that they were surrendering their lives to God. Earlier that morning, Brother Joseph had given them a little food for thought; Malachi 4:2. "But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall."

It has to be provided for. You have to take care of it. You have to give it the food. It’s just in that stall. It can’t move. It stays right there. You have to constantly give it food that you’ve prepared to give to it. So you’re going to be raised up as calves in the stall. That’s prophecy. So, what did Brother Branham say that he was doing? He said, "What I’m doing here is storing Food. I’m storing Food so that you’ll have something to feed upon. So someday when I’m long gone, you’ll refer back to these tapes, stored up Food." So today during your Quiet Time, you’re going to be able to read and to hear stored up Food. You’re going to be able to feast from fresh Manna. You’re going to be able to hear the Voice of God. It is the Voice of God. It’s like Brother Branham said about Elijah and Jezebel. He said that Elijah was Jezebel’s pastor. He said like it or not he was the pastor of the world. Brother Branham is the pastor of the world, because he’s God’s vindicated prophet for the hour. So you’re going to be able to hear God’s Voice today for yourself to speak to you. And It’s just as fresh today. As It was then, It’ll be tomorrow, because It is the Scripture Hebrews 13:8. Jesus Christ, He is the same yesterday, today, He’s going to be tomorrow. Do you believe that? If you believe it, we are a privileged people. -Brother Joseph

Truly we believe that, and we are a privileged people. Prophecy is being fulfilled. Last week, at Still Waters camp, we witnessed God’s children growing up as calves in the stall, feasting on stored up Food. They left full of fresh Manna from Heaven, and our prayer is that they continue to feast and to grow.