Camp 2, 2012


Lots of energy, excitement out the roof, high expectations, and the enthusiasm to put it all to good use, both physically and spiritually. This is how our second camp of 2012 began for a great group of 13-15 youth, and it didn't let up for 5 days!

We expected all this from our younger campers, but they even surprised us when 13 of them entered the still waters to be baptized the first night of camp. Truly, they came with high expectations that were being met right from the start.

Throughout the week, these campers put Still Waters facility to full use. The bike racks stayed empty, canoes, kayaks and sea-doos were constantly flowing across the water, the paintball workers never got a break, which they loved, along with the archery and gun-ranges, and the tires on the go-karts stayed hot and sticky on the quarter-mile track. All these activities provided a great time for the youth, yet all the while was the constant reminder of why they were at camp; to draw closer to our Lord Jesus Christ.

It's a little harder to keep the attention of the younger youth, but that's part of the purpose of Still Waters, to teach and/or remind them how important and vital it is for a Christian, especially a young one, to get quiet before the Lord. Every morning and evening was devotions, and an hour of Quiet Time was set aside each day to have that one-on-one time with the Lord. On Wednesday evening, Brother Joseph gave the campers the option to spend that hour doing whatever they wanted. There were some who took that time to continue with their daily Quiet Time, while others chose to play games or walk around the lake. We're thankful that many were realizing the impact of Quiet Time on their spiritual walks with the Lord.

Though the weather was a little warm, we're thankful that the Lord gave us a wonderful camp and wonderful campers. The services, quiet times, and bonfires had a great impact on many of their lives. There were a total of 20 that took on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ in baptism, and many more who had life-changing experiences. Our prayer is that each one will take that experience and continue to grow in God's grace and Word.