Camp 1, 2012


You always get what you expect. God has promised that. If you’ve come to find good, if you’ve come to know Christ, and to–to see Him, and to speak with Him about your sickness or your soul, God will see that you find Him. You get what you expect, always. And it depends on what you’re expecting to find.
58–0508 The Expectations

Expectant is a good word to describe the recent campers that arrived at the first 2012 Still Waters camp last week. It wasn’t like last year, where most campers didn’t know what to expect on their first experience at Still Waters. These campers knew exactly what was in store for them, and they came expecting to find it. You always get what you expect, and God saw that they found Him.

From veteran campers to first time campers, they all seemed to bring a youthful cheer and expectancy that brought Still Waters back to life. It was good to see them back.

Camp checkin started at 9am, and the luggage bags came rolling up in waves. Each camper quickly went through the checkin process and then straight to their tent to pick out their bunk for the next 5 days. Hebron, Bezer, Kadesh or Ramoth, which tent are you in? You quickly find out as a camper that it’s wise to pledge your loyalty to your tent. Even then, you don’t want to be zeroed as the one to keep your tent up late with too much talking. All in good fun…
The fellowship and singing were already underway as they settled in. It was a blessing to see Still Waters bubbling once again with youth of like precious faith. Jesus love was bubbling over in His children, and they had come to a place where they could express it.

At lunchtime the campers were welcomed to Still Waters with open arms of love. Brother Joseph wanted them to know that this retreat was their little oasis that God had given them. They had taken the way with the Lord’s despised few, shunning the things of the world, and this was an opportunity for them to do things they never have the chance to do in a Christian environment. Most importantly, it was an opportunity to get alone and quiet before God, away from the cares and worries of this life.

As always, devotions and Quiet Time is and was a huge part of camp. Every morning and night, each tent had devotions together, and each evening the youth took an hour of Quiet Time to speak to the Lord in whatever way they felt on their hearts. Though many already do this, it’s to emphasize the importance of having that personal relationship with our Heavenly Father, and to remember, you can never out-give God.

On Monday afternoon, the youth got a prelude of some new, exciting activities at Still Waters this year. The rest of the week they would indulge in an amazing 1100 foot go-kart track, wave runners, and for those who haven’t been here before, a 20ft blob tower, a modified paintball course, archery, gun range, and more.

The theme at this years camp was F.A.I.T.H. To get the minds of the youth in the right atmosphere on the second evening at camp, Brother Gordon Tutani encouraged the youth on this subject. He then introduced Brother Branham to tell us Who we have faith in, because of “That Day On Calvary.” It was a soul stirring message that took each camper back to that monumental day.

There was lots of fun and activities the next few days, but the real boost of faith came from another message that was played during Thursday morning Quiet Time: “By Faith, Moses.” As the youth each sat around the lake in their special places, they could hear the prophet speak these words:

But by faith, this morning, lift up your eyes. Don’t see what’s around you–this modern world–but look and see Him Who give the promise. The Bible said we do not see all things perfectly now, but we do see Jesus. You look at Him this morning and your ways will be changed.
58–0720M By Faith Moses

Truly, many ways were changed by lifting up their eyes by faith. To top off the heavenly feeling that was fluttering over Still Waters, a final message was played Friday morning to conclude camp.

My purpose of being here is to try to help the people of God. Not insomuch as to pray, and lay hands upon the sick, but that they might recognize Jesus Christ in our midst, the Son of God in our midst. We are speaking tonight on this subject: Then Jesus Came And Called.
64–0213 Then Jesus Came And Called

We thank God that He came on the scene as He spoke this message through His prophet in 2012 at Still Waters lake. He called His children, and gave them the faith to recognize and believe His Word. 15 souls went into the chilly lake water that afternoon to be baptized in His glorious Name.
One camp down, 5 more to go… We can’t wait to see you at camp, and to see what else God will do in your lives, if you’ll only have faith.