Camp 05, 2012


The rain started softly falling atop the white canvas of Chapel Hill tent. We had just taken refuge under it’s sheltering walls to keep from getting wet. Some might’ve thought it was an unfortunate way to start off their first day at camp, but God quickly showed us that His all knowing Hand was in the timely drops of rain.
There was a special group of campers at last weeks August camp, with a zeal and expectancy that exceeded our own expectations. From the very beginning, as the brothers started building their alliance together in the common refuge area between Ramoth and Kadesh, Brother “G” quickly noticed something different: “I feel an electricity from this group,” he said, “and the devil is getting scared.” That was an understatement. The devil was terrified, and already fleeing from the flame of Christ’ love that was radiating from Still Waters. This group of campers brought their licks of fire, and they came with full intentions to build the flame to soaring heights.
It wasn’t long after check-in that the storm clouds came rolling in, along with the rain. Each tent did a quick orientation, and then rendezvoused at Chapel Hill. After a warm welcome to Still Waters, and a satisfying lunch, the rain was still coming down pretty good. But that didn't dampen our spirits. Soon, the entire group of youth were united and gathered in the center of the tent, shouting songs of worship to our Heavenly Father. The unity and spirit were already at the level of day five of camp, yet it was only the beginning of day one. It was just the ingredient needed to create an atmosphere that would carry us deeper into the blessings that God had in store for us.
The sweet Spirit that was present on Monday afternoon stayed with us through a special Quiet Time that evening. Though the rain returned, it created an opportunity for each tent to gather and tell testimonies of what God did in their lives since camp last year, and what first-time campers came expecting to get from God this year.
As always, their was plenty of free time during camp for the youth to enjoy doing things they rarely, or never, have the opportunity to do. They, God’s beloved children, of whom the world is not even worthy, each make a sacrifice to abstain from partaking of the things of the world. How much more deserving are they to have a place to freely fellowship and worship God without the filth of the world dragging them down? By God’s grace, it’s been a juniper tree to so many, and a place of refuge for weary souls. And this camp was no exception.
Every day of camp was full of God’s favor and new blessings, and the Spirit of the Lord was always near. By day five of camp, we knew there had to be a special service in store. That morning, you could feel the Spirit so sweet and strong as one stepped foot onto the creaky wood floors under Chapel Hill tent. Jesus not only came and called His needy children that memorable day, but the Power of His Holy Spirit fell in the auditorium in a way like we’ve never experienced at a Still Waters service. It was a time of worship and thanksgiving that’ll never be forgotten.
That afternoon, 20 surrendered hearts walked into the lake water in baptism to publicly rededicate their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. Once again, God proved He is with us at Still Waters. This camp was proof of His sustaining grace on the lives of His children.