2018 Still Waters Camp Schedule

The dates have been chosen, the time has come, and beginning RIGHT NOW you can start pre-registering for the 2018 Still Waters Camps!

Below are the available camp dates you will be able to choose from, but be sure to read the entire content of this article before moving on.

  • Camp 1: June 4-8, Ages 16-28
  • Camp 2: June 18-22, Ages 16-28
  • Camp 3: July 9-13, Ages 13-15
  • Camp 4: August 6-10, Ages 16-28

Camp Registration is scheduled for Saturday, March 3, 10:00 am, Jeffersonville time.

As you know from previous years of camp, we have offered a special "Early Bird Registration" for those who fall in an exclusive bracket of YF rewards points. Those registering for an older camp with 2500 or more lifetime points, and those registering for the younger camp with 2000 or more lifetime points, will again have special access to this Early Bird Registration. All those who fall in this points category will be able to log in and register 24 hours early, on Friday, March 2nd at 10:00 am Jeffersonville time! You can log in to your YF profile page to view your rewards status.

NOTE: Your reward point status as of today will determine if you are eligible for early-bird registration.

But, hold on! We are also adding another group to the Early Bird Registration this year! If you have taken every online YF tape quiz over the past year, you are eligible for Early Bird Registration, too, regardless of your lifetime points total! We will notify you by e-mail if you are eligible.

Early Bird Registration is another reward for those who have dedicated so much of their time to listening to the Tapes and taking the YF tape quizzes.

A little refresher:

Just like in past years, you MUST have at least logged in to your YF account and created your own unique password in order to register for a SW camp. If you DO NOT have a YF account, please go to our Signup Page to create one. If you are signed up but do not remember your ID#, you can request your ID# through the link on the YF login page and we will send you your ID# as soon as possible. If needed, you can also reset your password on the login page by selecting 'forgot password' and typing in your ID#. Also note that re-signing up in YF does not tell us that you need an ID#, it simply updates your current information. If you do not know your ID# and/or password and your email address has changed since you first signed up in YF, please send us an email at yf@youngfoundations.org and we will send you your ID# as soon as possible.

Pre-registration really speeds up the process on the actual day of camp registration, and will greatly increase your chances of getting into a camp. You will start by updating your Still Waters contact information and medical history. If you update prior to the registration date on March 3rd, your updated information will automatically pre-populate when you log in to register for camp. This will get you through the registration process much more quickly.

If you do not update prior to registration, you will have to key in all of your contact information and answer all of the medical history questions before moving on to complete the form, which will slow you down considerably. It's very important that you know: Updating your information DOES NOT “REGISTER” YOU for camp and will not put you on a waiting list. You will still have to register on March 3rd to try to get in a camp. This will simply allow for a faster, smoother process.

The other BIG pre-registration benefit is that it allows you to submit your camp date choices. After you've updated your contact information and medical history, the 16-28 youth will be able to submit their first choice, second choice and third choice camp preferences from Camps #1, #2, and #4. These preferences will be saved for the day of registration. On Registration Day, your first choice camp will automatically be selected after you complete the payment page. If your first choice camp is already filled, the program will automatically add your name to that camp’s waiting list. The program will proceed and repeat to your second or third choice.

If this is your first time to try and register for a SW camp, please read all FAQs on the Still Waters website to make sure you are familiar with the system. This will answer most of your questions. For any other questions concerning camp, please email office@stillwaterscamp.org.

Use the link below to update and pre-select your camps:

Still Waters Profile Page

As always, we are very excited for what the Lord has in store this year, and we know you are too. We will post more camp details in the days to come, so be sure to keep a look-out on the websites! Get ready! Start planning! Camp will be here before you know it!

Until then, stay in the Word, stay prayed up, and come expecting!