2018 Still Waters Camp


Yes, we’re talking about Still Waters Camp registration! It’s just around the corner, so it’s time to make ready and get on board.

You might ask, "What does it mean to be active in YF?" Being active in YF means you have actually logged in to your YF account and are participating on a regular basis by actively listening to AS MANY tapes as you can, and taking those quizzes!

Then ask yourself, “What does it do when we stay in the Word and in the Spirit?” Brother Branham told us:

“We’re sons of God, because we draw from God, the Holy Spirit that makes us sons of God. What does that do? It gets us ready then, for the change. Oh, brother! It makes us ready for the change that’s fixing to come, Spirit filled. Just lean right on His bosom and keep drawing. Then we get changed one of these days, that right away, too. I can promise that. The promised Son is on His way.” 61-0318 - Abraham's Covenant Confirmed

We’re looking for the coming of the Lord this year more than ever before, and we know that the Message of the hour will perfect God’s Bride and bring on that Rapturing Faith.

Until that time comes, we’re also looking forward to another red-letter year at Still Waters camp. We know a change is fixing to come, as Brother Branham said, and it might just take place at Still Waters! It might be before camp even gets here, or after. Either way, we want to do all that we can to stay ready and work til Jesus comes.

We will announce more details for the 2018 Still Waters Camp registration very soon, so keep watching branham.org and your Lifeline app for updates. Until then, stay in the Word, and don’t forget to turn in your tape quizzes!

God bless you,

Young Foundations