Almost There

If you have been following the Still Waters Camp construction photos, then you know that there has been a lot of big changes going on at the camp. We have been working hard to make this special place of refuge the best we can for God's children. By looking at the pictures, you probably can't see ALL that is going on (that is on purpose, Brother Joseph likes surprises. :) but you can be assured, it is AWESOME!
In the past we would have posted the SW camp schedule by now, and we are sure everyone is wondering, “When will we get to go to camp?” Like we said, there are really big changes going on that we are sure you will love. With all of these changes, and such a massive project, it is really hard to pin down an exact date. That is why we have postponed sending out the SW schedule.
We know that everyone needs to know the schedule as soon as possible, so that you can schedule your vacations and time off work in order to make it to camp. As it stands right now, we will not be able to schedule any camps before August of this year. We will work on posting the Still Waters schedule as soon as possible.

We know some might be disappointed, but trust us, IT IS WORTH THE WAIT!
Please continue to keep this project before our Lord.
God bless,


"But we're taught that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord. God is making everything move just according to His great timepiece as it's ticking around." 57-1213