SW Camp 5 - A Lifetime Experience


Could you imagine if the Lord Jesus asked you to watch His child for the weekend? Imagine Him asking, “Will you take care of my young boy (or girl) this weekend? Show them a good time and give them everything they need.”

It would be the greatest honor any of us could ever have. We would do whatever we could to see them smile and laugh. We would keep them safe, feed them when they got hungry, and most importantly make sure that any time they wanted to speak to their Father, there was instant access.

This is exactly what Brother Joseph put before the Still Waters workers this year at camp, and what he had in mind for this past weekend. Last Friday through Sunday was a first time event for SW. Brother Joseph invited 9-12 year olds with the most YF points to Still Waters for a special weekend. Not only did he invite these privileged young people, but their dedicated parents received the same invitation; dads came with their sons, and moms with their daughters. And what a wonderful time it was!

It was a mini-camp in every way. There was fishing, zipline, rifle shooting, archery, paintball, bonfire, and of course we kept the communication with Father open with Quiet Time. It was only 48 hours long, but everyone made the most of their time. From 3:00 PM on Friday to 3:00 PM Sunday, there was laughing, singing, playing, and praying! Dads got closer to their sons, moms got closer to their daughters, and everyone got closer to our Father.

Fourteen young souls broke through the still waters Sunday afternoon to surrender, or re-surrender, their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ. It was a very special moment to watch unfold, as the parents had the blessed opportunity to receive their children out of the chilly waters, and the Heavenly Father to receive them into His Kingdom.

If the Lord is willing, we hope to do the same thing next year. But this time the invitations won’t be based on how many lifetime points the children have, but how many points they’ve earned in the past year. If you want to learn more about how to earn YF points, "CLICK HERE".

Thank you for all your prayers for the Still Waters campers this past year. We believe that Father was happy with how His children were treated, and how they acted during the short time He allowed us to be with them at camp.

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