One of Brother Branham's favorite places to be was up in the Adirondack Mountains. It was there that he found a mother bear and her two cubs in his tent while he was fishing; saw the mother deer with Bert Call; and of course, where he grabbed that lifeline on Hurricane Mountain.

One of the most common trees in the Adirondacks is the Balsam Fir. The crisp, woodsy scent of these trees is unmistakable. When I was growing up, Brother Branham had a little pillow stuffed with balsam fir, and I remember picking it up and smelling it in the Den Room as a little boy. To this day, that sense of smell takes me right back to memories of Brother Branham! The balsam fir provided in your footlocker and the balsam fir in Brother Branham’s pillow are from the same Adirondack Mountain region he loved so much. I wanted you to have a replica of the pillow to take you back to the Adirondack Mountains and this special time we have had at home camp! I love you & God bless you.

- Brother Joseph