1. You received an email saying that your child would get a package, but you haven't received it yet.
  2. You are missing some items from your gift package.
  3. Item(s) were received damaged or defective.
  4. Your child's ID card is damaged or incorrect.
  5. You have questions about the photo uploader app.
  6. Your child’s shirt does not fit.

We suggest a good pair of wire cutters.

The button can be stiff. Don’t be afraid of pushing too hard. You can use a screwdriver to push hard against the square button. If that doesn’t work, the only other way to open the box will be to remove the lock. There is no universal reset code. You can remove the lock by wedging a tool such as a flat head screwdriver between the lock and the box to pull the lock off.

To help you prepare for the weekend's events, you will find supply lists, tutorials, printables, image files, and other helpful information under the For Parents Only button on the website.

That’s okay. The website will be available for a while and you can have your Home Camp whatever days or times fit your family's schedule.